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Toyota Camry Acc Cabin Filter

Toyota Camry Acc Cabin Filter Troubleshooting

Your Toyota Camry should definitely be one of your comfort zones; a place where you feel safe and comfortable at once. But if you are allergic to dust and pollens, riding inside your sedan with an old ACC cabin filter could feel like being inside a torture chamber. Same goes if you are just plain allergic to unpleasant odors, you should replace your filter once in a while. If not, you might experience problems that could affect your vehicle's ventilation. So if you suspect that your ACC cabin filter is to blame for your car's unlikable smell and your frequent allergic attacks, then you better check it by following our tips:

Lingering smell

Whether your car's interiors smell like used socks or the scent of your German shepherd, it could be a bit off to your passengers if the smell lingers and won't go away even if you are using air freshener. The ACC cabin filter is responsible for keeping your Camry odor-free. Once it gets hold of too much dirt and debris, it won't be as efficient as before. You can locate this filter by removing the glove compartment. Carefully remove the old filter to ensure that the debris won't spill on your car's floor mat. Check it if it has debris that might hinder it from absorbing the foul smell inside your car. You can either clean it or replace it with a new one to restore its functionality.

Rattling noise

If lately you've been hearing a scratchy, rattling sound coming from your glove compartment, you might suspect that a rat has invaded your sedan. You'll be surprised to see that the leaves, needles, and rocks on your worn-out ACC cabin filter that are making the sound. If you usually park your vehicle under the trees, your filter will most likely be filled with these kinds of debris. Remove the debris or replace the filter if you want to get rid of that annoying noise.

Dirty air

Since the ACC cabin filter keeps the air from the engine bay clean, when it wears out, expect that the air will not be as filtered unlike before. You become exposed to the pollen and dirt that it can no longer filter. Replace your worn-out filter every after 12,000 to 15,000 miles, especially if you or your usual passengers are allergic to dirty air.

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  • Toyota Camry Acc Cabin Filter Maintenance Tips to A Cleaner Interior Air

    Did you know that sneezing while driving could get you into a car accident? Sneezing four times in a row while you are behind the wheel is known to be a major cause of road accidents in the United States. But did you know that these sneezes are triggered by dust or pollen that comes from a dirty Toyota Camry ACC cabin filter? Before this paper filter puts your life at risk, here's how you can keep it in good condition:

    Remove large debris.

    Just like your air-conditioner filter at home, your sedan's ACC cabin filter also needs cleaning and maintenance. It is very easy to remove it from your vehicle; you only need to use a screwdriver. Once it's out, you can clean the filter by shaking off the large debris. You can also use a brush to get rid of the small particles that are trapped in the filter. By doing so, you are ensuring that the air inside your car is clean, and you are prolonging the service life of the cabin filter as well.

    Replace old filter.

    We recommend that you clean your cabin filter at least once a month to prevent dirt from accumulating on it. However, we advise that you replace it every after 12,000 to 15,000 miles. This ensures that the filter is still doing its function efficiently. Replacement Toyota Camry ACC cabin filters are inexpensive and available in any auto parts store. So if you see any signs of wear and tear on your vehicle's ACC cabin filter, do not hesitate to replace it with a fresh one.

    Don't park under trees.

    Parking your car under trees makes it easier for dried leaves, needles, and pollen to get inside the vehicle's cabin. The filter will then be more prone to dirt buildup, which may cause it to perform inefficiently. What you can do is to use a car cover to keep debris from coming into your cabin. This is a good precautionary measure to prolong the service life of your cabin filter as well as to keep your interior air clean.