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Toyota Camry Altezza Tail Lights

Common Signs of Faulty Toyota Camry Altezza Tail Lights

As multi-function lamps, the Toyota Camry Altezza tail lights are responsible for three things. First, they allow you to be seen under low-visibility conditions. Second, their included brake lights notify other drivers behind you when you are stopping or slowing down. Last but not least, their turn signals advise others when you are turning a corner or are changing lanes. Seeing how crucial these components are, you should understand why it is important to be on the lookout for signs of trouble. If you don't know what exactly to look for, here are some common symptoms of bad tail lights.

One altezza tail light is not working

If one tail light is not working but the other one is lit up, then the bulb of that affected component must have burnt out. Simply replace it with a new one-make sure to have it tested at the place you bought it-and test the tail lights again. If the new light bulb doesn't light up, probe the component's socket and check for power. You can do this by using a test light or a multimeter. If you found power in the socket, then the problem could be a bad ground wire or connection. If not, visually inspect and probe the wire along the socket's length until you find a power source.

Both altezza tail lights are not working

When you turn on the tail lights and none of them are working, there must be a problem with the fuse. Open the fuse box panel, which is located underneath your car's steering wheel. Using a fuse puller that's found on the panel lid, pull out the fuse for the tail lights and make sure that it's not popped. If it is blown, replace it with a new one. But if it's not, then put it back and check the wires.

One altezza tail light starts to dim

When you hit the brakes and you learn that one altezza tail light starts to dim, there may be several problems causing this. First, check and clean the fuse terminals on the affected side. If the tail light still dims after cleaning it, verify that all of the component's wires are attached correctly. Make sure all the altezza tail lights' wires on both ends are in their proper spots as well.

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  • Keeping Your Toyota Camry Altezza Tail Lights Clean and Efficient 27 February 2013

    Composed of several lights with different functions, your Toyota Camry altezza tail lights are responsible for letting you communicate with other drivers at night. For instance, in reverse function, they light up when you need to back up. With the turn function, the altezza tail lights also indicate the direction you intend to take when turning or changing lanes. You also make use of these during an emergency and turn on the hazard function. Because of their many purposes, it is highly important that you keep your altezza tail lights in top shape. If you don't know where to begin, then follow these basic tips.

    Basic maintenance tips

    Each bulb in the altezza tail lights is removed in a different manner. Remember that not all of them can be easily pulled out. Some types of bulbs have to be rotated in order to be removed. Be careful when taking out every bulb so as not to break them.

    Fractures and burn-outs are the most common problems that your altezza tail lights may have. When the light filament is busted, you must immediately get a new bulb. Otherwise, the altezza tail light may blow up because of the water vapor that was forming inside the bulb.

    Regularly check the electrical connections to and from the altezza tail lights to detect any possible defects.

    If you want your altezza tail lights to be more intense in brightness, replace the single-filament bulbs with ones that have higher wattage.

    When driving under low-visibility conditions, always check in the rear-view mirror whether the altezza tail lights are working properly or not. Note that there should be a perceptible difference between the intensity of the tail light and the brake light.

    When buying a new set of altezza tail lights, make sure that the product meets the regulations set by your respective state.

    Cleaning tips

    Soak 1500- or 2000-grit sandpaper in water and then sand the tail lights in a straight, horizontal direction. Make sure that you stick to that direction only and keep the sandpaper wet while performing this procedure.

    Mix in baking soda and water, then dip a clean sponge in the pasty solution and wipe the altezza tail lights with it. Rub the component for 20 minutes in order to achieve its natural shine.

    If you want to polish the altezza tail lights further, you can use your car wax or a lens polish.