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Toyota Camry Bumpers

Usual Issues with Your Toyota Camry Bumpers

Your bumpers are shields made of aluminum, steel, rubber, or plastic. These materials are mounted at the front and rear ends of your car. It functions by absorbing shocks that comes from a collision. This way, it protects you and your passengers from more harm when an accident occurs. However, bumpers usually go loose from their positions, reducing their abilities to absorb shocks. With this, you need to be watchful of the slightest issues with your bumpers. Following are some symptoms that you need to know.


Vibrating or wobbling bumpers can be caused by bad attachment to the car. When this occurs, the first things you should check are the mounting clips and brackets because these things may become loose over time. Once you spot the culprit, replace it immediately. You may also apply a self-adhesive aluminum patches between the bumpers and the car body. These would be enough to secure the positions of your bumpers.

Misaligned bumpers

If your bumpers seem to be out of their places, these may be caused by two things. First, these may be a result of bad installations. If these are so, you need to remove your bumpers and reinstall them properly. Second, these may be caused by loose mounts or screws. Screws may be bent and need replacement. If they are simply loose, you may secure their positions with the use of washers.

Scratches or scruffs

Scratches and dents are visual signs that are easy to spot in your bumpers. These problems can grow worse until your bumpers are completely disfigured. To avoid this, they have to be dealt with as soon as possible. You can do this by removing them with wet sanding. Also, these problems are caused by bad driving or minor collision, so be careful in handling your car to prevent these kinds of damage.

Large gap between the front bumper cover and hood

You can easily see that there is something wrong with your front bumper when you notice that there is a large gap between the front bumper cover and your hood. This is a sign that your front bumper is pushed upward due to a major misalignment. This problem may also be caused by a bent front bumper which needs to be replaced or straightened if possible.

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  • Protecting Your Toyota Camry Bumpers from Damage

    Your bumpers are safety parts that protect the different internal components of your car from damage caused by a collision. More so, they reduce the shock caused by a collision, protecting you and your passengers. However, your bumpers are prone to deterioration and damage. With this, you need to make sure they are always in top condition. Following are some ways for you to do so.

    Always dry your car well after every wash.

    It is completely advisable to wash your car on a regular basis. This protects your Toyota Camry from different problems caused by dirt and corrosion. However, once you are done with washing your vehicle, you should make sure it is dried well. Failure to dry your car would cause water spotting and harm the paint job of your car and your painted bumpers. More so, it allows oxidation which is the first step to rust formations. With this, you may use sheepskin chamois or cotton paint-safe towel to dry your newly washed car.

    Remove rust formations from your bumpers.

    Needless to say, rust formations develop around your bumpers over time. These rusts can grow large and consume your steel bumpers. Before things get worse, you need to remove these formations at an early stage. All you need is a bottle of cola, aluminum foil, paper towel, and car polish.

    Paint your Toyota Camry bumpers.

    Although your bumpers may not be seen from the outside, they should still be painted. Doing so would protect them from rusts. At a serious stage, rusts consume the whole of your bumpers, reducing its shock-absorbing capabilities. Painting prevents oxidation. It is also advisable to paint your bumpers' mounting clips which are also prone to rusts. Make sure these parts are clean before applying paint on them.

    Remove dirt from your Toyota Camry bumpers as soon as possible.

    Road salt, grime, and bugs are very likely to accumulate on your bumpers. When this happens, you need to remove them as soon as possible. They can get stuck to the point where they are already difficult to remove. Consumer detailing solutions would do the trick in removing these deposits. With this, do the removal each time you pass through a dirty or snowy road.