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Toyota Camry Door Handle Trim

Diagnosing Common Toyota Camry Door Handle Trim Problems

A loose Toyota Camry door handle trim is not a pretty sight. Imagine having your friends notice your aging interior and exterior handle trims. Worse, you won't be able to escape the embarrassment caused by a door handle trim that simply falls off due to negligence. You can repair loose and broken clips with some glue or hide scratches by painting over them. For more severe problems with this component, however, we have listed some troubleshooting and diagnostic tips. Read on and learn how to find the cause of common problems with this small yet very useful car part.

The exterior door handle trim is loose.

A loose exterior door handle trim might make a slight rattling sound while you are driving, but you might not be able to hear it and notice it right away. Inspect the door handle trim and shake it a few times. If it is indeed loose, look through the space between the door handle and the trim. There is a rubber gasket that goes between the trim and the door. It might have cracked and some of the pieces might have fallen inside the door panel, creating a gap between then door and the door handle trim. Replace the gasket, and if necessary, change the trim as well. These two parts usually go together when you buy a new trim. Even if the trim is not loose, having a cracked gasket can stick out like a sore thumb. Also, make sure that the hooks that hold the door handle trim to the door are placed properly in their respective holes.

The interior door handle rubs against the trim a little.

If the interior door handle gets in contact with the door trim, the trim might be a little loose and not pushed all the way in against the door panel. For Toyota Camry owners, there is a secret clasp between the bottom part of the door handle and the handle trim. This clasp might have gotten loose, causing the door trim to come loose a little as well. Push the bottom part of the trim against the door panel until you hear a click. This should solve the problem.

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  • Maintenance Tips for Your Toyota Camry Door Handle Trim

    Your Toyota Camry door handle trim is a sturdy piece of equipment, but it will eventually crack like all plastic components do. An interior handle trim will come loose because of constant use and abuse. An exterior handle trim, on the other hand, can give in to road and weather elements, such as dust, rocks, rain, or snow. To help keep your door handle trim in perfect condition, here are a few maintenance tips you can follow :

    When cleaning or replacing a door handle, remove its screws and put them back on properly.

    A Toyota Camry door handle has two screws in the door handle-one underneath the light and one that has no cover. When cleaning the interior of a door handle or trim, remove the screws and put them back on properly. This ensures that both the handle and its trim rest snugly against the car door. A loose door handle can rub off against the trim and loosen or damage it eventually.

    Before using a flathead screwdriver to remove an interior door handle trim, wrap its sharp edge with electrical tape.

    The interior door handle can be removed by wedging a flathead screwdriver in the space between the bottom of the car door handle and the handle trim. Before using it, wrap it with electrical tape to avoid damaging the door handle and the trim. This step can prolong the life of your handle trim and save you a few dollars on a replacement.

    Clean the exterior car door trim and its surrounding parts.

    The exterior door handle on a Toyota Camry is composed of three parts: the door handle, its trim, and a rubber gasket that goes in between the trim and the car door. Take time to remove the car trim and the rubber gasket to clean the surface underneath them. When the rubber gasket develops cracks, dirt, and moisture, other particles can invade the space it's supposed to cover. Use a rag and apply cleaner to clear the door's surface of dirt. Use a cotton swab to reach the edges. Sand the surface carefully if there is grime that can't be easily removed by a cleaner.