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Toyota Camry Engine Splash Shield

Troubleshoot your Toyota Camry Engine Splash Shield

Toyota Camry engine splash shields often don't get a lot of love from their car owners. Most of them won't know that they actually have a pair of car parts that protects their engines from the debris they drive over while simultaneously increasing the airflow. These shields make sure that small puddles don't cause immediate engine failure. Finally, they can prevent rust from forming on the metal components underneath the Camry's hood. Yet, for all of these functions, most owners will only find out about their splash shields when there's a problem. By then, they'll be clamoring to just get rid of the shields altogether instead of repairing or replacing these important parts. You shouldn't be one of those owners. Instead, you should check on your Toyota Camry engine splash shields when you encounter a few troubling signs.

The engine splash shield drags on the ground

If you notice that your Toyota Camry engine splash shield touches the ground even as it's still attached to your car, it could be because it was partially pulled out while you were driving through a thick obstacle like deep snow. Doing so has broken some of the eight hold-down clips that attach the shield to your car. While you can temporarily use twine, rope, or zip ties to keep the shield from dragging, you'll need to replace these inexpensive clips. You don't need to replace the shield in this case if it isn't torn.

The engine splash shield makes weird noises

If you hear strange noises while driving, pull over to a safe place and inspect your Toyota. Those strange noises can be caused by an engine splash shield that's been warped after an oil maintenance service. You'll need to replace the shield if this happens.

The engine splash shield has broken other car parts

If the engine splash shield has fallen into the timing change sprocket, causing bent valves, chipped pistons, and a totaled engine, then this rather rare problem could have two causes. On one hand, it could simply be due to an error on your part while attempting to do a few maintenance procedures. On the other hand, it could be due to the engine's heat that caused the splash shield to warp and fail.

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