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Toyota Camry Grille

Spotting and Solving Toyota Camry Grille Issues

Positioned on the front of your Camry, the grilles are usually the first to get hit when the driver bumps into something. Depending on the force of the bump, the damage can be as mundane as a scratch on the chrome paint or as serious as being crumpled beyond repair. Considered to be an executive car, the Toyota Camry exudes sophistication and elegance. And a damaged Toyota Camry grille ruins its polished image in an instant. Therefore, being a Camry owner, putting up your car's best face forward is a necessity. Luckily, troubleshooting some minor grille issues is possible. Here are some tips.

Cracked grilles

Toyota Camry Grilles are normally made of sturdy stainless steel or aluminum. So, if it gets broken, you are normally advised replace it. If buying a replacement is not yet an option, then you can use a strong adhesive that can be used on metal as well. Apply the adhesive on the broken part and patch it up. You can find lots of good adhesives on any auto shop but, you must remember that adhesive is a temporary fix. All the vibration in the car will cause the adhesive to give out in due time. So be ready to have it replaced soon.

Rusty chrome grilles

Like any metal part of the vehicle, the Toyota Camry grille is vulnerable to rusting. If you have an aluminum grille, or better yet a plastic one, then good for you because it means you only have little or no rusting at all. Bringing your beautiful chrome Camry grilles back life is simple. Use an aluminum foil dipped in cola to scrub the rusty areas. Wipe off the cola residue with a clean rag soaked in warm water. Then, gently rub chrome cleaner on the rusty spots with a wire wool. Finally, give the grilles a good polishing and buffing.

Chipped grille paint

For grilles that starts showing chipped paint, do not fret. Any DIYer can repaint their grille. You just need to detach the grille from the bumper. After removing, clean off the grilles with sandpaper and make sure that every inch has been scuffed. Apply a coat of primer twice, giving it 30 minutes interval. After drying, apply two coats of the base paint. Let it dry again, and then follow it up with two coats of clear paint. You can use a shining compound as well. To preserve the paint, make sure you only wax it after a month.

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