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Toyota Camry Headlight Assembly

Toyota Camry Headlight Assembly: Common Symptoms and the Usual Culprits

You can install a lot of car modifications like body kits, overhead monitors, and neon lights whenever you want, but one part you have to make sure that always works properly is the headlight assembly of your Toyota Camry. Otherwise, you'll put yourself and other motorists in potential danger. If you already notice that the headlight assembly of your car is acting unusual, then you should immediately do some troubleshooting before it gets worse. Here's a list of some common headlight problems:

Only high-beam lights work

If you have noticed that the headlight indicator on your car's dashboard lit up, but there's no low-beam light coming from the headlights, then what you need to do is to check the dimmer switch because it might be the cause of the problem. You can replace the dimmer switch if it's not connected to combo-switch. However, before you do that, check the lighting relay voltage first using a test light. Remember that it's dangerous to drive on the highway with only high-beam lights on because incoming cars may not be able to see the road clearly, that's why you have to fix the headlight assembly before you head for the road.

Flickering and uneven lights

When the light from your car's headlamp flickers while the vehicle is running, a faulty alternator may be the cause of this problem. Some signs may also include flickering interior dashboard light and dome lights. You can replace the alternator of your car when this happens, but first you need to check the condition of the battery ground because this can also be another cause. You must clean the battery terminals if they are already dirty because dirt buildup may prevent smooth electrical flow.

Headlights stay turned on

It can be really annoying if you've suddenly noticed that the headlight of your Camry won't turn-off because of its glare which can also cause the battery to drain. The most probably culprit of this problem is the headlight relay. You can replace the headlight relay inside the relay panel which is located at the top right-hand side of the battery and primary fuse box. However, you should at least have a copy of your car's relay panel diagram before you perform the replacement because you need to be sure which relay has to be removed.

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  • Toyota Camry Headlight Assembly: Sure Steps for a Brighter Ride

    Turning a dirty Toyota Camry headlight assembly into a sparkling car part is a very easy task, and it can be performed even by a weekend mechanic. However, it is still prone to dirt and other elements that could make it dirty again. To keep the headlight assembly of your vehicle looking new, here are some easy maintenance tips you can perform regularly:

    Check the headlight's condition every year.

    A yearly checkup of the headlight assembly is a good way to detect possible problems and to know if replacement parts are already needed. The first thing you have to check is the condition of the bulbs if they are already dimming. You must replace both bulbs at the same time because the light from the bulbs has to equal. Another thing you need to check is the condition of the wires. You need to inspect if there's already corrosion or if the wires are already chipping.

    Remove fog and water from the headlight.

    The fog and water inside your car's headlight not only reduces the light that the headlamp illuminates, but it also risks the electrical wiring from a potential short circuit. To remove water and moisture from the headlight, you should drill a small hole at the bottom of the headlight that's small enough to allow water to drain. Keep it in a dry place overnight until it dries out. You can use a silicone seal to cover the hole when the headlight is dried completely.

    Clean the headlight regularly.

    The best way to maintain the headlight of your vehicle is by cleaning it regularly. You can use automotive soap and water to remove the dirt then an aluminum polishing compound to give the right shine. You can also use regular toothpaste to remove the grimes on the headlight's surface, but not those whitening types because they can damage on the headlight's surface.

    Make sure that the headlight is aligned correctly.

    The car's headlight alignment changes because of the impact the vehicle takes from driving over potholes and uneven road surfaces. Consequently, the glare from a misaligned headlight is dangerous because it can blind drivers inside incoming vehicles. To adjust the headlight of your car, you can locate the vertical adjustment screw located under the headlight.