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How to Deal with Toyota Rav4 Turn Signal Failures

To which car part do you turn to when you want to warn other motorists of your next move? Your Toyota Rav4 turn signal! You have one in each corner of your car, which means that you also have four Toyota Rav4 turn signals to look after. After all, you wouldn't want a faulty signal, would you? At some point, though, your Toyota Rav4 turn signal would naturally go out, and the sad part is it cannot be prevented. But you can still benefit from some preparations! With this guide, know how to diagnose and fix a faulty Toyota Rav4 turn signal when it happens.

Busted bulbs

For a Toyota Rav4 turn signal malfunction, the easiest way to diagnose is to inspect is the bulb first. You only need to remove the bulb and observe its base. If the base appears dark, then it is likely that the bulb is burnt. This requires replacement, and you might spend $5 to $50.

Faulty wirings

If your Toyota Rav4 turn signal bulb appears to be just fine, check the wire connections of your turn signal assembly. Rust and corrosion in the fender, where the turn signal fixtures are usually located, can also cause a faulty Toyota Rav4 turn signal, so make sure you have good wire connections. To replace a faulty wire connection, buy a new ground wire, which you can easily purchase at hardware stores.

Blown fuse

Since it is the power source of your Toyota Rav4 turn signal, the fuse is also a possible cause of signal failure. For a quick check, go to your fusebox, which is just under the dashboard. Consult the owner's manual so that you can easily identify the fuse that is specifically connected to your Toyota Rav4 turn signal. Inspect it thoroughly. A gap in the metal link suggests a blown turn signal fuse. If this is true for your Rav4, consult an automotive technician right away.

Defective switch

If after checking the fuse, the bulbs, and the wires, your Toyota Rav4 turn signal problem still persists, turn to your turn signal switch. Activate the emergency flashers in your Rav4 so that you can verify if you have a faulty switch. If the indicators on your dashboard show that the flashers function, then your Toyota Rav4 turn signal switch would have to be replaced.

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  • How to Keep Your Toyota RAV4 Turn Signal Working

    You swerve your RAV4 around the corner when (thump!) you just hit something. The driver said he didn't know your car was about to turn. So what happened to your Toyota RAV4 turn signal? It was supposed to light up to let other drivers know that you were about to make a turn. To avoid situations like this, below are some easy maintenance tips to keep your turn signal working for a long time:

    Perform regular check-ups.

    Although you may safely assume that your Toyota Rav4 turn signal is seldom subject to failure, it is recommended that you still check on the assembly regularly. Doing so can help you promptly deal with emerging signs of wear in your Toyota Rav4 turn signal assembly.

    Check the bulb.

    The bulb is the easiest component to check. You just have to unscrew it and examine it visually. The formation of a dark film at the base of the Toyota Rav4 turn signal bulb should alert you of an impending busting. In which case, it is advised that you purchase a replacement already. You wouldn't want to risk driving with a busted Toyota Rav4 turn signal light, would you? Besides, replacements for a Toyota Rav4 turn signal light are only cheap, ranging from $5 to $50. That's not too much for a safe driving experience.

    Inspect the fuse.

    Before you go on a driving spree, you had better check your car components, especially the powerhouses. Of course, your Toyota Rav4 turn signal also needs an energy source and that has got be a fuse, which is located just under your dashboard. To inspect the right fuse, refer to your car's manual. Any breaks or irregular deformation in the fuse should already warn you of defect.

    Keep the parts clean.

    Everything functions better when free from filth. That said, your Toyota Rav4 turn signal and other related components can definitely benefit from cleaning.

    Wipe the bulb clean.

    It goes without saying that maintaining a clean Toyota Rav4 turn signal light is a must. It is important in keeping your bulbs from being cloudy, yes. But what is more important is ensuring that even the fixture is clean. This is essential in keeping a good connection between the power source and your Toyota Rav4 turn signal light.

    Clean the fuse box.

    It is also important to keep the fuse box clean. Dirt in between the contact points in the fuse box can also interfere with the connection between the fuse and the turn signal. Don't forget to observe safety precautions when cleaning the fuse box.