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Toyota Camry Window Visor

A Few Things to Remember to Keep Your Toyota Camry Window Visor in Tiptop Shape

The fresh air has a rejuvenating power especially during a long drive. So if you think you're getting kind of weary but you still have a long way to go, press that button and lower your windows even a bit. But what if it's raining? Don't worry, that's what your Toyota Camry window visor is for. With this installed, you can drive with your windows open for an inch or two without worrying about rain, bugs, wind noise, or debris. Also called window deflector, the visor will deflect those elements off the window, so they won't find their way into your interior.

If you want to enjoy these window visor benefits for a long period, make sure you'll take good care of this component. Here are some tips to do that:

  • Always keep your window visors clean.

This is true not only to Toyota Camry window visor set but to all vehicle components as well. The best way you can extend their lifespan is to make sure they are always free from dirt and grime, and all the elements that could slowly damage or corrode the materials making them up.

  • Avoid parking under direct sunlight.

The sun's harmful UV rays will eventually take their toll on your Camry's window visor particularly if it is constantly exposed to direct sunlight. Even if you choose a visor that's UV resistant, that feature could only last for several years. Before you know it, your visor will start losing its luster and fade and will get brittle due to sun damage. So if it's possible, always park in a covered garage or at least find a shade where you can park your ride.

  • Stay away from activities that could damage your window visors.

If you wish to add more years to the life of your window visors, you should learn to say no to activities that could leave them scratched, cracked, or damage. Among such are frequent loading and unloading of heavy stuff on the roof. This is particularly true for SUVs and vans with a roof rack. Parking in a crowded place where people can usually get in touch with your car surface even when simply passing by should also be avoided. If you can't avoid such, then find time to take off the visors first before using your Camry.

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  • Three Tips to Remember when Installing a Toyota Camry Window Visor

    The window visor, though very much handy especially during the rainy days and when you’re parking your ride under direct sunlight, doesn’t come standard in all vehicles. So if you enjoy driving your Camry with the window glass down or if you always park it in an open space, you’d better outfit it with a set of Toyota Camry window visor and start noticing the big difference that it will make. To make installation a whole lot easier and to make sure you won’t experience problems with your window visor pretty soon, here are some installation tips you should keep in mind:

    Tip #1: Clean the vehicle, especially the mounting surface.

    When doing any exterior enhancements, it is important to wash your vehicle first. If you think your Camry is still clean and you don’t have much time for a thorough car wash, at least make sure the mounting surface is spic and span. You see, dirt and dust on the surface affect the ability of the adhesive or tape to stick unto it. In your window visor, you can clean the mounting surface using alcohol wipes or a clean cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol.

    Tip #2: Pre-fit your new Toyota Camry window visor first.

    Before installing the window visor, make sure you pre-fit it first to be very certain about its position and exact mounting location. Pre-fitting is done by placing the visor exactly where you intend it to be and marking the placement lines. By so doing, you won’t make the mistake of attaching the wrong visor or improperly installing it.

    Tip #3: Apply light pressure when putting the visor in place.

    This is a good way to make sure your Toyota Camry window visor will make solid contact with the mounting surface on the window frame. The pressure will also help strengthen the bond between the adhesive and the frame. It is a good idea to start depressing at the corners first, working your way up the length of every deflector. Make sure, however, that you won’t press too hard so as not to break or create a visible crack on the visor.