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Toyota Camry Windshield Wiper Arm

Tips to Maintaining Your Toyota Camry Windshield Wiper Arm

Your Toyota Camry windshield wiper arm is there to clean the particles of dirt, rain, and snow that land on your vehicle's windscreen. Because every car is mandated by law to have at least one wiper installed, it is very important for you to make sure that the ones on your vehicle are all working properly. If you don't know where to start, try these tips:

Inspecting your windshield wiper arm

  • Bend the squeegee back and forth to see if it is still flexible. If it has difficulty conforming to the shape of your windshield, the wiper squeegee has aged and needs to be replaced. You will also know if this part has aged when you notice it creating streaks on the windscreen.

  • Check the squeegee wiping edge for any rounded edges as this can prevent the wiper blade from making strong contact with the windshield.

  • Whenever you replace the windshield wiper arm, tug it to ensure that the blade has been securely installed. Make sure that the squeegee is secure in the wiper frame as well.

Repainting the windshield wiper arm

  • Before repainting, sand the windshield wiper arm down with a very fine-grit sandpaper that was soaked in water. This will give the primer a good bond and allow the paint to set right on the finished component.

  • Do not brush the primer on the windshield wiper arm. Instead, spray it finely until it has sufficient but minimal coating.

  • Use a dark primer like gray or black so that the windshield wiper arm will look as good as if it were new.

  • When applying the primer and the paint, spray evenly so it won't get goopy and thick between the arm's holes.

  • You can avoid drip marks by holding the primer spray a little further from the arm. Do the same thing when spraying the paint on the component.

  • Do not forget to prime the underside of the arm. Neglecting this part will be noticeable when you have finished painting.

  • Make sure that the primer has dried sufficiently before painting the windshield wiper arm.

  • Before turning the component over so you can prime and paint the underside, cover the newly painted side first. Make sure that it has dried a bit too, so that the color won't transfer to the cover.

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