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Toyota Corolla Parts and Toyota Corolla Accessories

Toyota Corolla is one of the excellent modelas that gave Toyota its a good name and reputation today: The reputation that screams reliability in all its products. Reviewing from the past, who could forget the Toyota Corolla, if you could ask anybody, you'll find out that mostly from long ago owned or still is driving a Toyota Corolla up to now - proof that a Toyota will never die if you know how to treat it right..
The first Toyota car model built in America, Toyota Corolla's simplicity and practicality must be the reasons why it caught everybody's attention. Introduced in Japan in 1966, this car was brought here in the United States in the summer of 1968 having a 90 inch wheelbase as a two-door coupe, a four-door sedan and as a two-door wagon body styles. The Toyota Corolla is also the smallest Toyota car made during that time.

It had 60 horsepower with 1.1 liter overhead valve four-cylinder mounted longitudinally in the engine and is powered with a four-speed manual transmission, since automatic transmission wasn't yet available that year. The first unibody structure of the Toyota Corolla had a strut font suspension and mounted the rear axle on a pair of leaf springs. IT was so simply made that there were no parts to break and was easy to handle.

With the production of the Corolla, Toyota then overcame the common perception about Japanese products being inferior. They also proved that even if they built a smaller, cheaper car, its quality didn't suffer. It became popular among the consumers then.

As years passed, improvements such as stretching the wheelbase for a roomier interior, increase performance on the engines and availability of an automatic transmission were offered thus making it the second best-selling quality car worldwide. In 1975, the Corolla's featured a raised center section in the grille that carried back angular bodies coping up with the bizarrely styled cars growing around.

Came with the new features included new models such as a four-door sedan, a two-door hardtop, a sport-oriented SR5 hardtop and a five-door station wagon all powered with a 1.6 liter engine. A year after that, another design came in the line up, a sporty two-door station wagon called the "Liftback", which was uniquely designed instead of the traditional fastback or economy cars expected. The "Liftback" accounted 30 percent of Corolla's sale. With that idea, Toyota created the Corolla Sport Coupe model sold as a sporty car which was slightly cheaper than the larger Celica.

At present, Toyota claims the idea of attracting younger buyers with its 2003 Corolla which actually looks like a smaller version of the Camry. This model is available as a base CE, luxury LE or commonly known as the Sporty S. It rides on a 102.4 inch wheelbase, and with additional excellent rack-and-pinion steering, this car comes as close to a luxury car ride as any small economy sedan manufactured offers.
High Quality replacement Toyota Corolla parts are still the best buy for your Toyota Corolla car. Either for customization or replacement, nothing beats parts that are manufactured with quality and reliability in mind.