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Toyota Corolla Bumper Cover

Maintenance and Care Tips to Keep your Toyota Corolla Bumper Cover in Top Shape

The Toyota Corolla has been a favorite economic sedan in the American market. The Japanese automaker offers affordable parts and components for it to keep your car running properly. Likewise, you also benefit from having a simple yet tasteful design from years of crafting the Toyota design language. You just got to love the lines and aesthetic cues put into the car. This is the case with the Toyota Corolla bumper cover. For years, this is one panel that exemplifies the Japanese engineers' dedication in producing a capable vehicle worthy of performance, aesthetic appeal, and safety. As the bumper cover is designed to make your Corolla look better and safer, you should not forget to take care of it to preserve its integrity. Here are some care tips that you should apply to your Toyota Corolla bumper cover.

  • Regularly inspect the integrity of your bumper cover.

Aesthetics aside, the main purpose of having your Toyota Corolla bumper cover is to protect you and your car from collisions. No matter how hard or light the collision is, you should be diligent enough to inspect the bumper's integrity. Check for misalignments, dangling parts, and loose bolts. After identifying the issues, you should address them accordingly. Make sure you use the correct parts when you do so.

  • Wash the surface of your bumper cover with water.

Water is a very helpful substance when cleaning any exterior panel of your Toyota Corolla. You should also maximize it when you clean your Toyota Corolla bumper cover. Direct your hose to the bumper at an angle as you start rinsing. This should take care of the light dust build-up on the surface. It should also loosen any particles that might have been stuck along the crevices of the panel. After the water treatment, the bumper should be ready for wiping or scrubbing, depending on how dirty it is.

  • Scrub the surface of the bumper cover to further clean its surface.

Further clean your bumper cover by gently scrubbing it with a sponge or wash mitt. Use it along with your favorite car shampoo. It should give back the luster to your bumper cover.

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  • Useful Tips When Installing the Toyota Corolla Bumper Cover

    Driving out with your Toyota Corolla is a splendid idea. It feels good driving it through the highway and even through the busy streets. For tonight, you take it out for your regular visit to your favorite local diner. As you are enjoying your milkshake, fries, and burger, you did not know that an unsuspecting driver backed into your car and damaged your Toyota Corolla bumper cover. That is a real bummer, especially after chomping down on your favorite diner combo. Unfortunately, the bumper can't be hammered back to shape just like those of the old cars. So you will just have to replace it with a new one. Here are some installation tips for your Toyota Corolla bumper cover.

    Tip #1: Be specific with the bumper cover you are getting for your Toyota Corolla.

    Are you getting an OEM bumper cover or an aftermarket version of it? What year and model is your Toyota Corolla? Those are the questions that you have to consider first when you are about to get the replacement bumper cover for your Toyota Corolla. You have to be very specific with the details so you can avoid any mismatch with mounting points, alignment, and sockets.

    Tip #2: Get someone to help you with the installation.

    Mounting and dismounting bumpers can be a tricky job if you go solo. We advise you tag along another car guy to help you out with your installation feat. That person can help you support the bumper as you work on it and can also provide you a second opinion. Hey, maybe after that, you two can go grab some burger and milkshake.

    Tip #3: Evaluate your Toyota Corolla's chassis after removing the damaged bumper.

    You need to evaluate the condition of your chassis after you remove your old damaged bumper. This will allow you to assess any hidden damage that you might have overlooked when you made your initial inspection of the bumper cover.

    Tip #4: Go for a test fit of the bumper cover before locking it to place.

    Before you finally commit to the bumper cover you ordered, do a test fit of it on your Corolla. Check if everything is aligned. Once you are convinced, bolt the bumper cover in place.