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Toyota Corolla Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly

Tips to Keep Your Toyota Corolla Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly in Excellent Condition

A reliable shock absorber and strut assembly allows you to drive smoothly even through rough roads. It stabilizes the vehicle when you run onto road bumps and potholes. So when your Toyota Corolla shock absorber and strut assembly becomes spent, you should get yourself immune to the discomfort of a bumpy ride. To prevent this from happening sooner than you expect, you have to protect your Corolla's shocks and struts from premature deterioration. Keep it in healthy condition through these tips:

  • Inspect the shock absorber and strut assembly periodically.

Adequate attention is paramount in keeping the shocks and struts in healthy condition. If you want to extend their service lifespan, you need to have a look at the components at least once in six months. This gives you the heads-up if the parts have been damaged and needs to be replaced.

Always have jacks and jack stands ready when planning to examine your car's shock absorbers. These car parts usually get worn at about 25,000 miles. Therefore, you need to get under the vehicle and check for signs of wear and tear periodically. If you discover leakages or other signs of damage, changing the shocks and struts can be your best option.

  • Keep the shocks clean.

If inspection alone is enough to extend the lifespan of a shock absorber and strut assembly, then no driver would ever have to replace their shocks again. However, evaluating these components must always be combined with proper cleaning.

Clearing off dirt and grime from these parts involves the application of non-toxic cleaners mixed with water. Check out the shock absorber mounting area and see if it's time to apply some cleaner. You don't need to do this every day, since the cleaner can keep the shocks clean for some time. To guarantee that the cleaning agent you're using is safe, read the labels on the product.

  • Always have a test run after cleaning the components.

Remember that your Toyota Corolla shock absorber and strut assembly plays a huge role in your car's superb handling. To see if your vehicle's steering and suspension is not compromised during cleaning, go in front of your car and step one foot on the car's bumper. Try to push it down and release your foot. Observe if it bounces back to its original position. The car should bounce only a few times, otherwise, your shocks might have been damaged.

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  • Tips to Help You Easily Install a Toyota Corolla Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly

    Rough roads and potholes are some of the inevitable stresses that you have to go through when driving. But you don't have to feel battered by these things if you have a fine-quality Toyota Corolla shock absorber and strut assembly. If your car is ten years or older, then there's a high chance that your shocks and struts might now need replacement. You don't have to stress over it; here are some tips that will help make the installation easier:

    Tip #1: Confirm the right amount of torque needed.

    As a part of your car's steering and suspension system, you need to ensure that the new shock absorber and strut assembly is properly torqued for safety. You can't just guess or estimate the torque to be applied, as this will affect the performance of your shocks and strut assembly. To find the appropriate torque for your shocks and struts, refer to your vehicle's service manual. If you seem to have lost it, then simply purchase aftermarket manuals specific to your car make, model, and year. The torque required will depend on the bolt size and grade. The bolt size can be easily measured with a ruler, while the bolt grade is found on the head of the bolt.

    Tip #2: Replace the shocks in pair.

    Though it's rare for the shock and strut assembly to get busted at the same time, it's still best to have them changed in pair. Replacing only one of the shocks may cause your Toyota Corolla to not sit level. Your car's weight will compress the shock after some time, so the other "undamaged" shock will most probably get busted shortly after the first one has worn out. Since these components were installed on your vehicle at the same time, chances are, both of them would have the same lifespan; so change them both to save time and effort.

    Tip #3: Remove the sway bar if needed.

    Stabilizing your ride involves the sway bar along with the strut assembly. To easily install your new Toyota Corolla shock absorber and strut assembly, you have to remove the mounting bracket using a socket wrench. Turn the sway bar out of the way to detach the old strut.