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Toyota Corolla Window Visor

How to Keep the Toyota Corolla Window Visor in Good Shape

The Toyota Corolla has been a car of choice in the world because of its economical design. The market loves the Corolla whether it is in the four-door or two-door variant. It offers a sense of style and sophistication combined with the right kind of tuning needed for an everyday car. And in these everyday scenarios, the car is also put to the challenge. Sometimes, the weather can take away the whole experience of driving the car in full pleasure. This is why accessories like the Toyota Corolla window visor are designed for your car. This panel provides a bit of shield to prevent outside elements like rain, snow, and particles from getting to the interior of your car. It also provides a little bit of shade when the sun is too high up in the sky. But in order for you to benefit from this part, you should know how to take care of it. Here are some tips on how to keep this panel in good shape.

  • Regularly inspect the shape and mounting of the visor.

Constant exposure to the outside elements can cause different reactions to the material and form of the window visor. This can lead to the formation of cracks, uneven fading and discoloration, weakened adhesives mounts, and deformation. You should keep a constant an eye for these symptoms. Once they manifest, you should already have a plan of action of these.

  • Wash and scrub the window visor to look its best.

Your window visor gets constantly exposed to a lot of dust and particles as you drive your Corolla out on the road. These elements eventually stick to the surface of the panel. To remove them from the surface, you should wash it with water to loosen the layers found on the surface. Follow up with gentle scrubs using a sponge soaked in a car shampoo mixture. Rinse again to get rid of the suds.

  • Wipe your panel for a clean glossy look.

After giving the window visor a good wash, don't forget to wipe it using a cloth for that clean glossy look. Drying it will also prevent dirt from accumulating on the surface again.

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  • Helpful Tips When Mounting a Toyota Corolla Window Visor

    You have spent a couple of months driving your Toyota Corolla in its stock form. It was nice to look at, nice to use, but it was not too nice when rain starts to fall. That's because you can't roll down your windows even just a little bit. You tried to but rain would just end up getting into your cockpit and wet the entire merchandise. But with a Toyota Corolla window visor, you can stand a chance against the rain. The panel extends out from the window frame to provide just an ample amount of roof to allow you to open up a tiny space on your window. Since this is just a minor panel that requires patience and a little elbow grease, we urge you to install it to your car by yourself. Here are some tips on how you can successfully mount the window visor to your Toyota Corolla. Do it as soon as possible while your car is still brand new.

    Tip #1: Look for the correct window visor match for your Toyota Corolla.

    Finding the correct window visor for your Toyota Corolla should be an easy task but it can also be one that gets overlooked upon. To get the right part of your car, you should take note of its model, year, trim, and other details that will help you match the two together. Be very specific when doing so. Succeeding in this step will allow you to install the part as quickly as possible.

    Tip #2: Take extra precaution when moving the part around.

    The part is made of plastic and it can get unwanted scratches and damage if you do not take extra precaution when you move it around. Treat like any other car part and handle it with care. You should be able to appreciate the effort once it is mounted already.

    Tip #3: Mount the window visor after cleaning the window frame.

    The window visor uses adhesive tape to attach itself to your car. In order for that to work very well, you should clean well the surface where you will be attaching the panel to. Particles that get caught in between can weaken the integrity of the adhesive.