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Toyota Cressida Parts and Toyota Cressida Accessories

While it might be strange that the Toyota Cressida is named after one of the most tragic characters to ever feature in a Shakespearean tragedy, one can understand the association with a classic character from hallowed antiquity. Toyota might not have intended it early on, but the naming seems to foreshadow the "classic" status that he Cressida would achieve long after it stopped rolling off the Japanese giant's production lines. When it came out in 1977, the Cressida set a new standard in class and reliabilityit looked good and drove absolutely smoothly. This flew in the face of the 70s standard of clunky looking cars with clunky performance!

All throughout its 3 decade run, the Toyota Cressida proved to be consistent in three criteria: design, performance, and fuel economy. To look at each generation of the Cressida in its production run is to look at the slow evolution of car design through the decadesand this Toyota gem managed to always be the most elegant in each stage. The engines that the Cressida bore under the hood in those 30 years were always a balanced compromise between performance and fuel economythe most powerful being a 3.0-L 7M-GE inline-6.

Even today, the Toyota Cressida still exudes a palpable sense of luxury that appeals to a lot of people. It's still comfortable, graceful, and classy enough to go bumper to bumper with many more modern makes and models. It is so popular that there are a lot of Toyota Cressida parts and accessories available in the market to meet any replacement and upgrade needs that you might have. Considering that these are from some of the most respected parts manufacturers in the world, you can be sure that your Toyota Cressida will remain relevant for many more decades to come.