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Toyota Crown Parts and Toyota Crown Accessories

The Toyota Crown flies in the face of the accepted, though unspoken, convention that luxury cars are the realm of European car manufacturers. Though the Crown was eventually marketed as a mid-size luxury sedan, it was originally designed to serve as a taxi. In fact, throughout its production, Toyota released several stripped-down versions that were used as taxis! That doesn't seem to detract from the fact that it is one of the most prestigious status symbols anyone can ownwith a hefty price tag to match it. Just how successful was the Crown? It actually outlasted many of its "successors".

Of course, there's something more to the Toyota Crown than just its "royal"-sounding nameotherwise it wouldn't have lasted the near 50 years it did. Initially coming with a 1.9-L 3R engine, a leader in its time, the Crown has consistently seen an upgrade in its enginethe latest being a full-powered 3.5-L 2GR-FSE. It's not just about the output of its engine, though. With the Crown, Toyota managed to achieve an amazing balance between power and weightand to a certain extent, wheelbase length. This meant that the Crown had the moxie to take on any comers and contenders for the "crown".

Like any great automobile, the Toyota Crown is supported by a vibrant and stable parts market comprising some of the industry's best and most respected manufacturers. You can replace or upgrade anything and everything on your Crownfrom the nuts and bolts holding everything together, to the lines shunting fuel, water, and coolant, all the way up to the delicately sculpted shafts that keeping things turning. Since you drive the best, you can be confident and secure in the knowledge that these Toyota Crown parts are up to par with the amazing quality of your luxury car.