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Toyota FJ Cruiser Nerf Bars

Three Cleaning and Refurbishing Tips for Your Toyota FJ Cruiser Nerf Bars

Your Toyota FJ Cruiser is a ride that is perfect for an adventurous trip. You and your passengers can admire its tough design inside out, including the exterior accessories that give you an easy access into and out of your vehicle—the nerf bars. They are located below each door to provide more convenience when stepping in and out of your ride. Moreover, they add up to the tough look of your Toyota FJ Cruiser. With their crucial tasks and their location in the vehicle, which makes them prone to damaging elements, it is just right that you keep your Toyota FJ Cruise nerf bars well maintained. Here are some cleaning and refurbishing tips that can help you:

  • Use a buffing pad to effectively distribute the polish on your nerf bars.

To restore the shiny look of your nerf bars, you may use a buffing pad for polishing. The said material is recommended for this procedure because it allows the polish to be evenly distributed all over the areas of your nerf bars. However, you must apply only gentle pressure while running over your buffing pad to prevent the polish from forming into thick clumps on the nerf bars' surface.

  • Choose the appropriate polishing material according to the type of nerf bars.

For best results and to prevent damage on the nerf bars, you must use only the appropriate polishing material for the type of nerf bars that you have. If your nerf bars are aluminum, you must use a polish suitable for this material. Just the same, use chrome polish if your nerf bars are made from chrome. But if your nerf bars are coated, you must use a polish intended for painted surfaces. Knowing your nerf bars' finish can be of great help in determining the proper polish you can apply on them.

  • Wash and wax them for enhanced protection.

You must also take note that your nerf bars are safe when you decide to have a car wash. In fact, a simple and mild soapy mixture can help in removing dirt and grime from your nerf bars. You can also apply car wax on your nerf bars. It will enhance the protection of your nerf bars against different road elements, so you can prolong their use. It can also improve their overall look and quality.

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  • Two Tips to Remember for a Secure Installation of Your Toyota FJ Cruiser Nerf Bars

    When choosing add-ons for your Toyota FJ Cruiser, you should usually go for one that matches its handsome looks. Among the ones you can consider installing are the Toyota FJ Cruiser nerf bars. They serve as your access when stepping in and out of your vehicle. These add-ons come with step pads to provide grip for your feet and prevent slipping even the bar or your footwear is wet. Most nerf bars are sold along with a mounting kit, so you will not have trouble finding the hardware you need for the installation. Since they usually come as a complete set, most nerf bars will arrive at your doorsteps ready to be installed. Best is, you can do the installation process without requiring a professional's help. Here are some helpful installation tips that you can follow:

    Tip #1: Test fit your nerf bars.

    You must make sure that your nerf bars fit exactly on the sides of your vehicle's frame before installing and securing them in place. For this matter, you must line them up on each side to see if there are adjustments that need to be done. You must also check if the mounting hardware are aligned properly with the mounting holes or their respective slots in the mounting bracket. Check the installation guide that comes along with the nerf bars you've purchase to know the proper location of the hardware or mounting brackets.

    Tip #2: Secure the mounting brackets properly to avoid any accidents.

    All the mounting brackets of your nerf bars must be securely installed in place to be sure that the bars will not fall off no matter how bumpy the ride gets. A loose hardware or unsecure nerf bar attachments can be dangerous especially when stepped on by heavy people. One way to determine if the brackets are still unstable is to test-drive your ride and listen for unusual sound coming from the nerf bars. If there is, then perhaps some of the mounting hardware aren't properly tightened, causing the nerf bar to move and cause clanking noise while the vehicle is running. Find out also if the hardware needs lubrication. If it does, you can use white lithium grease to provide then with the kind of lubrication they need.