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Toyota Headers

Adding a set of Toyota headers is an affordable and easy way to add some extra horsepower to your vehicle. Though, really, it's not so much that you add horsepower with a set of Toyota headers, but more like you make your exhaust system work more efficiently, which frees up the horsepower that you already have and allows it to be diverted to other uses, uses you may find to be much more interesting and exciting. That's because a set of Toyota headers, which are quite easy to install and typically require no modifications to your vehicle, allows the exhaust to flow out of your combustion system and into the exhaust system in a smoother, less restricted manner, which, in turn, requires less effort on the part of the engine. Because the engine doesn't have to spend precious horsepower pushing the exhaust out, thanks to the Toyota headers, you'll have more horsepower available to power your vehicle. There are a variety of types of Toyota headers, with varying degrees of performance. In addition to performance levels, there are also different eye-catching finishes available, so not only can you gain a bit custom performance, you can also add a sleek customized look under the hood. Naturally, you'll have to be sure to show off the handsome look of your Toyota headers, if you decide to go with one of those finishes - among them a ceramic finish, a chrome finish or a polished stainless steel -- by checking the oil in front of admiring witnesses. You'll find just the right set of Toyota headers to suit your vehicle requirements and your performance goals in our online catalog, readily available and easy to order, either online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.

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