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Toyota Matrix Parts and Toyota Matrix Accessories

Way back in the early years of the Toyota Motor Corporation as an automobile manufacturing company, excellence and precision are already strongly evident on every piece of car that rolls off its factory. To date, Toyota Company has been known for sporting top of line standard passenger cars, well-built luxury vehicles, powerful off-road trucks and state-of-the-art hybrid electric vehicles. For over 7 decades of existence starting 1933, Toyota came to produce vehicles that underwent advancement in automotive technology resulting to reliability and longevity including superb styling of its cars.

The Toyota Matrix, along with other Toyota models such as the Toyota Tacoma, Corolla, Supra, Celica, Prius, Tundra, Camry, Highlander, MR2, Land Cruiser, Sienna, Echo, Sequoia, Solara, Avalon, 4x4, Starlet, Avensis, Hi-Lux, Previa, Tercel, and RAV4 including many others, give a wide array of Toyota products that would match the various tastes and preferences of different car enthusiasts. The Matrix is a 5-door station wagon automobile produced by Toyota and is the company's version of the joint venture between Toyota and General Motors for which the latter's model was named Pontiac Vibe.

Although both the Matrix and the Vibe are mechanically and virtually identical with each other, they are still poles apart from one another in terms of being clothed with different sheet metal. Both vehicles are small yet tall station wagons styled in a trendy, quasi-SUV fashion and have the fairly youthful segment as their marketing target. The Toyota Matrix is being offered in two 1.8-liter engines with the first one called 1ZZ-FE, an economical engine borrowed from the Toyota Corolla that produces 130-horsepower, and the second one called the 2ZZ-GE, a performance-oriented engine borrowed from the Toyota Celica GT-S that produces 173 horsepower.

With the coming of the Toyota Matrix in year 2002, Toyota Matrix parts also came along with it with the latter being an indispensable player of the other to maintain its showroom condition. These parts are readily available in different auto parts store but for an easier, faster and more convenient way of getting these parts, you can use the Internet for online auto parts store.

Toyota Matrix Parts