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Toyota Oil Pan

Your Toyota oil pan is a sturdy part, and will typically last years before a problem develops. However, on occasion, there is the unfortunate driving mishap that can dent, bend or crease the Toyota oil pan, making it no longer able to perform its task effectively. Your Toyota oil pan is where the oil in you vehicle collects when the vehicle is not running, and if the oil pan is leaking, you can expect to leave a significant amount of that oil on the ground underneath your vehicle. When the engine is started, the oil is drawn up out of the Toyota oil pan by the oil pump and forced through the oil filter, beginning its journey through the vehicle, lubricating all of the parts that depend upon it. Driving mishaps are not the only way that your Toyota oil pan can be damaged. In its position underneath the vehicle, it is subject to a variety of hazards, including road debris and salt laden road splash, which are the perfect combination for rust to start. The rocks and other items of road debris wear away the protective coating that serves to keep corrosion away, eventually compromising the surface of the Toyota oil pan with scratches and dings, and the salt laden road splash contributes to rust forming in those spots. Rust on your Toyota oil pan will eventually become leaks. If you are ready for a new Toyota oil pan, you'll find just the right fit for your year and model in our easy to use online catalog, along with the full range of aftermarket parts and accessories that you'll need to keep your vehicle running well and looking its best. You can order your Toyota oil pan, or any other part or accessory you need, online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.