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Toyota Pickup Bumper

What to Keep in Mind to Extend the Life of Your Toyota Pickup Bumper

Your vehicle is a very precious investment, so you must be very careful not to damage it in any way. However, in case of collisions, your vehicle is equipped with a very durable armour. This would be your Toyota Pickup bumper. But think of it, even a little scratch would be an eyesore, right? So to maintain the good look and performance of your Toyota Pickup bumper, here are some tips for you:

  • Clean your bumper with the appropriate tools and substances.

As an exterior part of your vehicle, the bumper can easily be noticed for its appearance. Hence, it is important to clean it with the appropriate tools and substances. For this matter, you can use a mixture of mild car soap and water to wash it because the mixture will not cause any abrasion. If there are tough stains or marks on its surface, you can use a soft bristle brush because it is a safe tool to gently scrape it. In addition, a smooth microfiber towel can help in wiping your bumper. Aside from being very absorbent, the microfiber towel can get rid of dirt and other particles very well without leaving scratches.

  • Use an external cleaning gel to enhance the protection and look of your bumper.

Although cleaning your bumper can make its appearance better, it may not be enough to give it the protection it needs. Hence, you can apply an external cleaning gel on its surface. This gel can break down oily substances, as well as help in getting rid of dirt and other particles on the bumper. In addition, it can act as your bumper's protectant against the harmful rays of the sun while enhancing its look. However, you must pick an external cleaning gel that will be suitable to the material of your bumper, so you can ensure that it will not have any abrasions.

  • Buff your bumper with sandpaper to remove bumps or grime that makes its surface uneven.

If there are bumpy marks or tough grime that cannot be removed through washing your bumper, then you can make use of a sandpaper to buff it. Keep in mind that no matter how small the dent or stain is, it can still ruin your bumper's look, and can even develop into a bigger problem after some time. So through buffing it with at least 80-100 grit sandpaper, you can remedy the affected area to keep the surface of your bumper smooth and even.

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  • Tips to Remember when Installing Your New Toyota Pickup Bumper

    Your Toyota Pickup bumper can easily be noticed for its look, but it is not the only purpose of this vital exterior component. The bumper actually gives you protection when you encounter possible collisions. Without this part, the headlights and other nearby components can be extremely damaged. However, since your bumper is an exterior component, it is very prone to getting scratched or damaged by different road elements. So if you want to install a new Toyota Pickup bumper, here are some tips for you:

    Tip #1: Use a lubricant to loosen and remove the bolts from the old bumper more easily.

    To remove the bolts from the old bumper more easily, you can make use of WD-40 or other lubricants. This is because rust can potentially develop on the bolts and their holes over time, which can make the removal harder. Hence, the lubricating oil will allow those fasteners to be loosened up.

    Tip #2: Pre-fit your new bumper to see if its bolt holes will be lined up properly in its mounting area.

    To make sure that the bolt holes of your new bumper are lined up with those in its mounting area, it is best to place it over to check before installing it securely. As an external part of your vehicle that provides protection, your bumper must be properly installed because a loose fit can pose potential danger. It will be very helpful if someone can hold the other edge of the bumper while you place temporary marks on the mounting area. The marks can serve as guide for you to properly align the bolt holes of your new bumper in its mounting area.

    Tip #3: Paint your new bumper before securing it to prevent other areas from being affected.

    Make sure that you apply the paint or coating on your bumper before installing your bumper. This is because other nearby areas in your vehicle may be affected if you do this after your new bumper is placed on its mounting area. Work at a safe distance away from your vehicle so that you will ensure that no area will be affected by the coating or paint.