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Toyota Pickup Console

Toyota Pickup Console: Proper Maintenance Tips

The console on your Toyota Pickup is designed to assist you in storing big or small trinkets inside your car for easy access. It is partitioned to secure a variety of everyday objects like drinking cups, loose change, or parking tickets among others. It not only adds storage in your ride, it also provides style to an otherwise empty front cabin area. The component of the console is usually made of hard plastic, and is covered in denim or vinyl; depending on the general trim that is treated against the interior of the car. The aesthetic quality of the console is not particularly hard to preserve, given that you follow these proper maintenance steps. Read on.

  • Don't store food items in the console.
  • Storing food items-particularly those that crumble or leave very minute pieces-is a maintenance no-no. The small bits that fall off from these kinds of food items tend to reach the far corners and small crannies of the console. These invite bacteria build up that causes internal metal fittings or hinges to rust. Drinking cups should be okay, as long as they are sealed shut by tight lids.

  • Replace a loose hinge immediately.
  • Some consoles have small retractable or sliding doors for small and precious items. It is good practice not to wait for a hinge to give way entirely before you replace it, since a loose hinge invites moisture build up to an otherwise tightly-configured compartment door. With a single ill-fitting hinge, all the other hinges are at the risk of corrosion.

  • Use an effective cleaning product.
  • There are a slew of cleaning products that are available in the market these days. One important tip to remember when purchasing one is that the product should not contain more than 70% alcohol-especially when you are using it against vinyl material-because the product will tend to over-dry textile after just a few applications. A dried out textile will suffer cracking, fading, discoloration, and premature aging. A good bargain should bring out the vibrant shine of the material without having a greasy finish; it would also be a plus if the product can protect the console against harsh UV rays.

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