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Toyota Pickup Dash Cover

Maintenance Tips You Can Use for Your Toyota Pickup Dash Cover

The dash cover helps protect the dashboard of the Toyota Pickup from wear and damage, but it too needs a bit of protection now and then. Dash covers can last the lifetime of your truck, but it can also be damaged in just a year; it all depends on how well you care for and maintain it. Here are some tips you can use to maintain the Toyota Pickup dash cover in your truck:

  • Vacuum the dash cover on a regular basis.

Vacuuming the dash cover on a regular basis will help get rid of dust and loose particles, but it may not be enough to remove dirt that's deeply embedded onto the fabric. So it pays if you'll scrub the dash cover once in a while using a carpet brush or a brush attachment affixed onto the vacuum. The bristles of the brush should be able to dislodge any particles embedded onto the cover's fabric. Once they're loose, such dirt will be siphoned off by the vacuum.

  • For serious stains and molds, use a carpet cleaner.

Your vacuum cleaner will not be able to solve liquid spills and mold on carpet-type dash covers. In cases like this, spray the affected area with a commercial carpet cleaner and blot or rub gently with a colorfast cloth or sponge. Keep in mind that the sooner you treat the stains, the more effective the cleaner will be in removing it. If the stains on the cover are really hard to remove, you may need to use a carpet cleaning machine. Check with your local carpet cleaning service providers if they will accept cleaning of the dash covers.

  • Make sure that the cover does not obstruct the vents and air bags.

Dash covers are designed to be mounted around the A/C vents and airbag of your dashboard, so if you notice the cover overlaps these areas, then they're likely to be out of alignment. Check the cover's Velcro fasteners or silicone adhesive and do the necessary adjustments. You can also use a wooden ruler or a similar flat object to push the cover back onto the edge of the windshield.

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  • Tips on How to Install a New Toyota Pickup Dash Cover

    There are many reasons why you should get a dash cover for the Toyota Pickup. Aside from protecting the dashboard from dust, dirt, and the sun's UV rays, a high-quality dash cover can also serve as an accent piece for your truck's interior. Most dash covers in stores are packaged as kits, which include Velcro fasteners, silicone sealant, and other items necessary to mount the dash cover into place. Below are some tips you might find helpful in fitting a new Toyota Pickup dash cover:

    Tip #1: Clean the surface of the dashboard before starting.

    One of the first steps in installing the dash cover is to ensure that it will be mounted onto a clean surface. Existing dirt, moisture, and dust on the dash can prevent the Velcro tape or silicone adhesive of the dash cover from sticking properly, leading to fitment problems later on. Spray the surface of the dash with glass cleaner and wipe with a clean cloth. If there is any adhesive residue left from the previous dash cover, you can use penetrating oil to loosen and eliminate it from the surface.

    Tip #2: Apply silicone around the edges, not the center of the cover.

    If your dash cover comes with a tube of silicone adhesive, make sure to apply it onto the edges and vent holes on the backside and not onto the middle areas. This will help avoid creases in the middle of the cover, making it unsightly. It will also be easier for you to make minor adjustments in the fitment of the cover if the adhesive is applied on the edges than in the middle.

    Tip #3: Use pieces of cardboard to help mount the cover onto the windshield.

    Achieving a snug fit between the edges of the dash cover and the bottom of the windshield can be a bit difficult, but you can make it easier using several pieces of cardboard. Simply wedge the cardboard in between the dash cover and the windshield and leave it there for an hour or two. This should create sufficient pressure for the edge of the cover to have a better hold against the windshield.