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Toyota Pickup Fender

How to Keep your Toyota Pickup Fender in Good Condition

Toyota trucks have evolved in the eyes of the American motoring community throughout the years. Toyota incorporated various design changes to match the growing and changing market. But as time would have it, the design and reliability of the Toyota truck has proved itself under the worst conditions imaginable. And we all know that your truck will not be complete without having the appropriate Toyota Pickup fender attached on its sides. This panel keeps your truck looking good as well as properly housing your wheels as it rolls down the street. Because it is made of metal, the fender is prone to dings, rust, and corrosion. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your fender looking good and fresh.

  • Always observe extreme caution whenever you are driving.

Yes, we know. The Toyota pickup is designed to withstand different conditions, terrains, and climates. However, you should still observe extreme caution whenever you are driving. By being a defensive driver, you avoid putting yourself at risk. Careless drivers around you can put dings and scratches on your fender. Even without drivers around, you can damage your fender by driving too close to road hazards. This applies especially when you are out on the trail. The bottom line: choose the roads ahead and drive safely when there are hazards.

  • Wash your fender with clean water.

Whenever you use your Toyota pickup truck to work and adventures, the surface of its fender collects layers of dust and particles. You would want to keep this to a manageable level. To do this, regularly wash your fenders with clean water. This eliminates some of the particles and loosens the grime that sticks in the crevices. For very light layers of dirt, the water treatment can do just fine. But for very dirty fenders, water is just the beginning.

  • Scrub your fender with a sponge soaked in car shampoo.

After giving your dirty fender a quick rinse using water, you should proceed with scrubbing it gently. Do so using a sponge or wash mitt soaked in car shampoo. Your scrubbing motion combined with the active ingredients of the shampoo should take care of the dirt build-up.

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  • Helpful Tips to an Easy Toyota Pickup Fender Installation

    You might have seen that red Toyota Pickup truck take the ultimate beating in a popular automotive TV show before. That particular 'Yota got hurt so much that it looked terrible. But despite the harsh experiments it took, it was able to run and take a final bow. As car guys ourselves, we do not want that to happen to your truck. But let's face it. In one way or another, there is still a risk that your own Toyota pick-up truck can suffer from similar damage but only less grave. When huge dings, rust spots, or other issues happen to your Toyota pickup fender, then you are sure to replace it. So here are some installation tips in case you have to get a new one.

    Tip #1: Get the correct fender for your Toyota pick-up truck.

    When we say getting the correct fender for your Toyota pick-up truck, we truly mean it. When picking out the part from your local auto supply store, be very specific with the details of your truck. The year, model, and trim matter very much. This enables you to get the fender that will fit just right when you mount it. A word of caution though: some fender reproductions have slight measurement discrepancy that can put your replacement fender a few centimeters shorter or longer. Be careful.

    Tip #2: Consider if you want to mount a flare to your Toyota pick-up fender.

    Since you're at it, why not think about mounting a flare to your fender. The fender flare is a nice addition to your truck as it provides extra guard from road debris and adds a little bit of personality.

    Tip #3: Get a fellow truck guy to help you with the installation.

    We recommend that you tag along a fellow truck guy to help you out with your operation. That person can support the fender as you mount it to your truck. Having someone along can speed up the process.

    Tip #4: Do a test mount before finally mounting it to place.

    Do a test mount of the Toyota pickup fender. This will help you assess if the fender aligns with the rest of your truck. If it's ok, bolt it down to place.