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Toyota Pickup Parking Brake Cable

Troubleshooting Tips for Toyota Pickup Parking Brake Cable's Common Problems

Keeping your Toyota Pickup in stationary position whenever you wish becomes possible with a functional parking brake cable. It is the cable that is directly connected to the brake mechanism and to the foot pedal located at the driver's position. But due to frequent use of your parking brake, the cable would eventually loosen or wear out. Here's how you can check your Toyota Pickup brake cable for signs of premature wear and what you can do to rescue it:

Stuck parking brake

Having a stuck parking brake could cause you a lot of trouble since you won't be able to use it if you are going to park your car. This is usually caused by a bad parking brake cable that either became too loose or too tight. However, when you experience something like this, there are several ways on how you can release the parking brake. You can apply and release the brake several times and wait until it gives in, or you can flex the cable housing with your hand. If it still won't work, the only way out is to replace the brake cable and the return spring.

Locked wheel

Rust is often a culprit behind auto parts problems due to the material that they are made of. So if you experience having one of your wheels is locked, then you need to check the cable for rust or damage. You can do this when you are servicing your car. Check the parking brake cable and the equalizer linkage for any signs of corrosion. When rust gets into the cable sheath, it could affect the releasing or actuating of the cable. It could also cause the cable to freeze, which could cause one of the Pickup's wheels to lock.

Worn-out cable

To keep your Pickup's parking brake cable and all the other cables of your Pickup from wearing out, regular lubrication is a must. For your parking brake cable, make it a habit to lubricate it with brake grease as needed. You can also oil the pivot point on the equalizer as well. You need to also replace any worn-out cable to ensure that the parking brake will function properly.

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  • Four Tips to Keep your Toyota Pickup Parking Brake Cable in Good Shape

    Like any other car part, your Toyota Pickup's parking brake cable needs proper care and maintenance for it to function properly. Even if it is actually made of durable and abrasion-resistant materials, eventually it will succumb to wear and tear. However, keeping your parking brake cable in good shape doesn't require much effort and time. Below are some quick maintenance tips for your Toyota Pickup parking brake cable:

    Tighten loose bolts.

    A loose cable is a common cause of various parking brake problems. This could eventually lead to a stuck parking brake or even a locked wheel. So if you suspect any problem with your parking brake, you can check the cable for any loose nuts and retighten the bolts carefully to avoid damaging it. You can use a box-end or crescent wrench to do this. You can also replace worn-out nuts and bolts while you're at it.

    Replace a worn-out cable.

    If upon visual inspection you've noticed that your parking brake cable is already rusty and damaged, then don't think twice about replacing it. A broken cable would only cause your parking brake to get stuck while you're in the middle of the road. The cable sheath is prone to rust, which could cause other problems to your parking brake assembly.

    Lubricate it regularly.

    Other than keeping the cable clean, using brake grease, make it a habit to keep your parking brake cable lubricated as needed. You can refer to your vehicle's manual on how much grease you should put on the cable. You also need to oil the pivot point on the equalizer linkage. This is to ensure that your parking brake will operate smoothly every time.

    Do not abuse.

    Since the parking brake cable connects the brake mechanism to the foot pedal on the driver's side, you should not apply too much force when you use the parking brake to prevent damaging the cable. Although it is made from high-quality materials, but due to frequent use, it may eventually give in to wear and tear. Use your parking brake properly to make the cable and the other parts intact.