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Toyota Pickup Valance

Toyota Pickup Valance Troubleshooting

Your Toyota pickup is designed to brave the worst of road and weather conditions. Build tough, your ride comes with durable component that are designed to provide your ride with utmost support and protection. One of the auto parts that help you to do so is your Toyota pickup valance. The valance is a panel that is intended to conceal other details at the bottom corners of your vehicle. Both your ride's rear and front ends have valance that shield your ride against mud and other debris. Your valance is very useful, but it can get damaged. When it does, you must troubleshoot the problem and solve it right away.

Loose valance

Sometimes, your bumper and valance can come loose. This would open it up to further damage and even fail to provide substantial vehicle protection. If you notice a gap between your valance and the vehicle, then it's likely coming loose and is in need of some refastening.

Damaged valance

Given the position of your valance on your auto, it's bound to get pretty banged up by rocks and debris. And all the more would its condition suffer should you be the outdoors type, who like to take his pickup truck for off-road trips. Another cause of valance damage would be road accidents. Should your ride collide with another vehicle or a road object, then the valance could become damaged. After all, this component is situated under the bumper, which is intended to cushion the blow of an driving accident. Clear signs of damage would be scratches, dents, and even cracks. If not too severe, these forms of breakage can still be remedies; serious damage, however, would call for a brand-new valance.

Valance rust

A weathered valance is bound to develop some rust, most especially in the rear end of a vehicle. This rust could cause further corrosion that will cause our valance to deteriorate. This rust could also creep up and spread to other components near the valance. Once you spot rust on your valance, you can opt to have the rust removed or to have the valance replaced.

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  • Toyota Pickup Valance Maintenance

    Your Toyota pickup valance is meant to provide your ride with added protection. Located on both the rear and front end of your auto, this component guards your ride against rocks, mud, and harmful debris. Given that it's designed to take punishment in order to protect your pickup, it should come as no surprise if your valance becomes pretty beat up after some time. An aged valance can become damaged for a number of reasons, making it looks unattractive and rendering it ineffective. As luck would have it though, there are many ways you can preserve the condition and functionality of your valance. All you have to do is follow these basic maintenance tips.

    Clean your valance.

    Accumulated dirt on your valance can really wear it down in the long run, and that's why you should opt to clean it every once in a while. Just a thorough spray with a gardening hose should do the trick. And with a pickup with high clearance, your valance is visible to other drivers, so keeping it clean helps make your entire ride look clean as well.

    Check your tail pipe

    One problem you could encounter with your rear valance is discoloring due to exposure to your exhaust fumes. If your valance or tail pipe is misaligned, then your vehicle's exhaust fumes could be released in a manner that brings them into direct contact with the valance, leading to its discoloring. Make sure your tail pipe is angled in a way that the fumes aren't released onto the valance, and make sure the valance isn't obstructing the opening of the tail pipe.

    Take it easy on rough roads.

    You opted for the pickup over the sedan/ sports car so that you could enjoy off-road adventures, but that doesn't mean you have to traverse the roughest roads out there with insane aggression. If you notice a bumpy or rocky road ahead of you, then driver slowly; it will go a long way in preserving your valance.

    Check the valance security.

    Over a stretch of time, your valance could come loose. This not only looks terrible bit it also doesn't serve its purpose properly. Every now and then, you should check if your valance is attached to the vehicle correctly. If it's coming loose, then refasten it.