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Toyota Prius Parts and Toyota Prius Accessories

With the state of the environment as it is, the Toyota Prius is a refreshing breath of fresh air in an industry commonly accused of polluting the world. Its name itself clues you in on the level of innovation that the Japanese manufacturing giant has brought to the field of environmentally conscious vehicles. Latin for "before", the Prius was rocking the electric car field before electric cars were even cool. Ok, so technically, the Prius is a hybridit combines the old-school gasoline-driven engine with a cleaner electric motorbut it is a step in the right direction. Additionally, contrary to perceptions and critics, this car was quite the performer!

Many people saw hybrids like the Toyota Prius as a promising concept but feared that performance would suffer terribly. After all, electric vehicles tended to be slow, quiet little things, while gas-powered high-speed racers tended to be roaring and loud. That's not the case with the Priushere they have finally managed to bring the best of both worlds together in one great package. True, it may seem like a cop off to the whole claim of being a "green" ridebut it's an impressive start from one of the industry's most respected brand names.

For all the well-deserved hype, the Toyota Prius is still a car through and througha little complicated, maybe, but still a collection of parts and components that can break or wear down over time. Luckily, it is one of Toyota's more recent and popular releases, so you will find a lot of Toyota Prius parts availabletop-notch parts too! Apart from parts specific to the electric motor that represents half of the vehicle's power source, you have those that are meant for the more standard componentsengine components, lighting equipment, exhaust tubes, and many others. All of these guarantee that the Toyota Prius will continue to lead the Green Revolution for a long time!