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Toyota Rav4 Catalytic Converter

How to Protect Your Toyota Rav4 Catalytic Converter from Damage

Dark smoke, poor fuel economy, and foul odor coming from the exhaust system—these are just a few hints that your Toyota Rav4 catalytic converter is out of whack. Your SUV's catalytic converter neutralizes harmful combustion products before it gets into the atmosphere. So to keep the air clean, your catalytic converter must always be in good shape. Here are some pointers you can follow:

  • Check your catalytic converter periodically.

It's advisable to inspect your catalytic converter (cat con) periodically to prevent smaller problems from getting worse. Look out for smoke coming from the tailpipe, loud noise from the exhaust system, and diminished fuel mileage. These can be early signs of cat con malfunction. You need to have it checked by an expert immediately or consult a knowledgeable friend to verify if the cat con is the real culprit of these problems. By examining your vehicle's cat con, you are able to save your SUV from further exhaust system damage, and can even extend your cat con's lifespan.

  • Clean it with soap and water to remove metallic cruds.

One technique to keep your cat con looking healthy is by cleaning it with detergent soap and water. Just make sure that you dry it thoroughly before putting it back. You may also go for the lacquer thinner approach to remove contaminants such as Zinc and Phosphorous pollutants. Be sure that you completely rinse off the soap inside the cat con; you wouldn't want to add any more damage to it by leaving residue that can affect the active surface of the cat con.

  • Apply a cleaner to help reduce excessive emissions.

Lots of aftermarket fuel additives can be used to minimize harmful emissions from your vehicle. These products can, in turn, help in reducing the unburned hydrocarbons that round up in your car's catalytic converter. Keep in mind, though, that you can only use cleaners to prevent further clogging in your cat con caused by contaminants. If the catalytic converter is already damaged from the inside, the best move would be to replace it immediately.

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  • How to Detect a Bad Toyota Rav4 Catalytic Converter

    Modern vehicles are equipped with catalytic converters (cat cons) that are built to last the life of the vehicle, given the average life of about 100,000 miles. But this doesn't happen all the time. Your car's fuel quality and the weather in your area are just two major factors that can shorten your cat con's lifespan. It can also fail due to bad exhaust valves and fouled spark plugs. To know if your Toyota Rav4 catalytic converter has gone bad, here are a few signs to look out for:

    Dark or almost black exhaust smoke

    A strong hint that your cat con has malfunctioned is when your car produces dark smoke as you drive. This could indicate that a considerable amount of carbon buildup has accumulated in the converter. Another possible cause is that contaminants have damaged your catalytic converter, so you see carbon emission levels rising.

    Sudden drop in performance

    A faulty cat con can cause poor vehicle performance. This is due to the back pressure, which hampers the engine's running condition. What's worse is that this may lead to engine stalling as you drive. It usually makes the car jerk, similar to the feeling of a fuel shortage when you step on the accelerator. Since you can't really inspect where the possible clog occurs in the cat con, what you can do is to temporarily take out the O2 sensor from the exhaust pipe and observe if there will be a change in performance.

    Foul smell from the catalytic converter

    One of the quickest ways to identify a troublesome cat con is to use your nose. A busted catalytic converter will often give out a horrible stench that resembles a mixture of rotten eggs and sulfur. The bad odor is almost impossible to miss, and it usually indicates that the cat con must be replaced.

    Being the "green" component of your vehicle, your Toyota Rav4 catalytic converter must be kept in good, working condition. This not only helps sustain clean air in the atmosphere, but also gives clean breathing air for your car engine. Once diagnosed as broken, it's recommended that you change the cat con immediately.