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Toyota Rav4 Window Visor

Three Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Toyota Rav4 Window Visor Properly

With your Toyota Rav4 window visor, wind noise and rain are two items off your worry list even when you're driving with the windows down. However, all its benefits can be enjoyed only when it's in its best condition. If you're on the lookout for continuous riding comfort, take care of your window visor carefully. Check out the tips below for additional guides on how you can keep your Toyota Rav4 window visor looking new and dashing:

  • Cleanliness is next to attractiveness.

In order to keep your window visor looking sleek and attractive, you have to think tidy. Periodically clean it to keep dirt and grime from building up over its surface. Excessive filth not only makes your window visor look unkempt, but it also degrades its quality. Cleaning your visor need not be a daunting task; you can easily wash it along with your whole car. If you have a window visor that's not attached permanently, you can also remove it for a more thorough cleaning.

  • Be careful of the cleaning materials that you'll use.

In most cases, a window visor can be cleaned using a mild soap diluted with water. However, you should also consult the manual that came with your visor to see if there are special washing instructions you should carry out. Because this accessory is usually made from acrylic, not all cleaners are compatible with it. Steer clear from cleaners containing harsh chemicals such as thinners and ammonia-based solutions. You should also use a soft cloth for scrubbing dirt off the visor to avoid scratching its surface.

  • Invest in a high-quality protectant.

The scorching heat of the sun can make your window visor fade and weaken prematurely. Good thing you can give it the extra protection that it needs using a premium protectant. Not only does this strengthen your visor, but it also enhances its appearance. You can spread it over your clean window visor using a microfiber cloth. Make sure you apply a sufficient amount of protectant for an even finish. If you constantly take your car out for a ride under the sweltering weather, do this task at least once a month to get the best protection.

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  • Toyota Rav4 Window Visor Installation: Some Important Tips to Keep in Mind

    Comfort, style, and better fuel economy—these are the primary benefits of your Toyota Rav4 window visor. Its sturdy construction makes it capable of withstanding the harsh working conditions that it's constantly exposed to. Most drivers may think that it's only good for keeping wind noise, rain, and road debris out of the car's interior, but its benefits are actually a lot more than that. Your window visor can, in fact, increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency by altering its aerodynamic properties and decreasing the need for AC ventilation.

    Whether you have the tape-on or the in-channel type, window visor installation won't make you break a sweat; you can do it in just a few minutes. To make your Toyota Rav4 window visor installation a lot faster, check out the following tips:

    Tip #1: Trial fit the visor to make sure it's compatible with your Rav4.

    Before anything else, it's wise to check if your window visor perfectly fits your car first. Place it over the top edge of your window and see if it matches the proportion of the mounting area flawlessly. You can also put placement lines while you're test-fitting the visor. This will serve as your guide to the visor's exact mounting location, making the installation process a lot faster and decreasing the chances of mounting mistakes.

    Tip #2: Prep up the mounting surface first.

    Whatever type of window visor you have, it's a good rule of thumb to clean the mounting area first before you start to install it. This will ensure that your window visor is securely attached onto the surface of your car. Wipe off dirt and grime using a clean piece of cloth and some rubbing alcohol. You can also opt to wash the surface with mild soap. Just make sure that the mounting area has sufficiently dried off before you stick the window visor into place, especially if you're going to mount it permanently using an adhesive. Keep in mind that the adhesive won't stick onto a wet or a dirty surface.

    Tip #3: Handle the visor with care.

    After you attach the visor over the top edge of your window, you'll have to put a bit of pressure over it for a few minutes to make it stick onto the surface more firmly. Make sure you don't exert too much pressure to avoid breaking or cracking the visor.