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Toyota Sequoia Mirror

Important Maintenance Tips for Toyota Sequoia Mirror

The side and rearview mirrors of the Toyota Sequoia are often the most overlooked parts of the truck, but this does not diminish the fact that they play a key role in keeping you and your vehicle in one piece. In this guide, we'll share some key maintenance tips for Toyota Sequoia mirror.

  • Cleaning remains no. 1.

Spraying and wiping the mirror glass with glass cleaner is still the best way to keep the mirror looking shiny and new. Simple household glass cleaner will do, although we recommend using old newspapers rather than cloth when wiping the glass surface as they tend to leave little or no streaks. Also, avoid letting the glass cleaner solution soak into the rest of the mirror assembly as ammonia found in such cleaners tends to damage the protective coating of the paint in your truck.

  • Check for cracks and fix them accordingly.

Cracks remain the most common problem of car mirrors, and these can be caused by a variety of factors ranging from hitting solid objects to sudden changes in temperatures. And even the smallest hairline fracture across the mirror's surface will affect the way it reflects light - and images - so immediate replacement is often the best solution. In most cases, only the mirror glass will need replacing, but if the damage extends to the rest of the mirror assembly, replacing the entire mirror will be required.

  • Don't forget the electronics as well.

Aside from cracks, you should also check if the mirror's electronic features, such as its LED turn signal indicators and defrosters are working properly. When starting up the truck for the day, take the time to activate on these features on your truck to see if they are functioning properly.

  • Always retract the side mirrors when parking outside.

Although it can be a hassle closing and setting up the mirror every time you park, this will prevent the mirror from being snagged by adjacent vehicles or pedestrians.

  • In winter, wrap the side mirrors with plastic bags when parking for the night.

This will prevent frost from building up on the mirror's surface, saving you time defrosting the mirror in the morning and lessening the chances of the mirror glass from cracking due to severe cold.

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  • Tips on Replacing Toyota Sequoia Mirror

    Broken Toyota Sequoia side or rear view mirrors can be quite a headache, both in terms of reduced vision of your car's rear as well as a guaranteed chance of being pulled over—and ticketed—by police . Luckily, replacing a broken Toyota Sequoia mirror is relatively easy and will only set you back an hour or two of your time.

    If you are planning on replacing the mirrors in your Toyota Sequoia, here are some tips to consider:

    Tip #1: When applying adhesive, make sure the mounting area is clean.

    Rearview mirrors that attach to the windshield via adhesive tape or glue are easier to install than their bolt-on counterparts, but they also tend to be more finicky. For starters, the mounting surface must be free of dirt, grease, and adhesive residue left over from the old rearview mirror. Washing the surface with soapy water usually removes most particulates, although leftover adhesive may require spraying with penetrating oil in order for it to be removed. You can also use a sharp razor blade to scrape off tape residue, although be careful not to cut yourself or scratch the windshield while doing so.

    Tip #2: Do not over-tighten the screws.

    Mounting bolts on the mirror assembly should be tightened according to manufacturer's specifications. Too much torque may strip the threads or cause the windshield to crack in the case of rearview mirrors. As a rule of thumb, if the mirror no longer rattles when you try to move it, it is tight enough.

    Tip #3: Invest in some tools.

    Aside from the standard screwdriver and socket wrenches, you will also need a door panel removal tool to detach the door panel and access the mounting bolts of the side mirror. The door panel is affixed to the metal door via screws and plastic retain clips and only a specialized removal tool can remove the panel without damaging the clips. In addition, if the door also has a glass window that's operated by a manual hand crank, you will also need a hand crank removal tool to pry off the hand crank safely.

    Tip #4: Be careful when handling electrical wires.

    If your mirrors have defrosters and other features that require electricity, make sure that the wires are connected properly. Also, take note that once the wires from the side mirror are disconnected, the connector and wiring will fall back inside the door. To prevent this (and save you the hassle of fishing the wires out of the door), tie a string to the wire behind the connector and attach a weight at the other end of the string.