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Toyota Shock Absorber And Strut Assembly

When you are driving your Toyota, the suspension system is designed to reduce the amount of force that is sent from a bump in the road to the passenger cabin, ensuring a comfortable ride. Of the many components in the system, the Toyota shocks are some of the most important. Whenever a bump is hit in the road, the springs absorb the impact and the Toyota shocks are responsible for bringing the springs back to a rest quicker. Not only do they help in ride comfort, but they also help to keep the wheels on the pavement, no matter how rough the road is. With the tires in contact with the ground at all times, power is more efficiently transferred to the road, and the driver has more control over the vehicle, because the tires will not slip as easily. The Toyota shocks use hydraulic oil to do their job. The oil is contained in two chambers, separated by positions within the Toyota shocks. When a bump is hit, the oil in the inner chambers provides resistance to movement, as the oil is compressed and slowly bleeds into the outer chambers. The pressure of the compressed oil in the inner chambers pushes the Toyota shocks up, which compresses the oil in the outer chambers. When the inner and outer chambers come back into balance, the movement of the Toyota shocks will stop. Eventually, the seals will fail between the chambers of the Toyota shocks, and they will no longer be able to do their job efficiently. Fortunately, our online catalog will have the appropriate Toyota shocks for most models, and they can be ordered through our secure web site or by phone with a toll-free call.