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Toyota Starlet Parts and Toyota Starlet Accessories

When you carry a name like the Toyota Starlet, you predispose people to expecting certain things. After all, the term "starlet" refers to someone on the rise, someone expected to become a star. Does this Toyota live up to the hype? With a track record spanning close to 3 decades, one would be hard-pressed to respond in the negative. Tagged as a subcompact, the Starlet entered the American consumer consciousness in an age where smaller cars were the rage in Europeand the Americans wanted a piece of the action. It quickly garnered a lot of positive reviews for being stylish and reliable.

Sure, by today's standards, a lot of the models of the Toyota Starlet look decidedly dated, but way back when, they were the bee's knees. The first models did away with the exaggerated curves and excess bulk that used to define "beauty" for an automobile. Additionally, unlike most other car models, this one retained its looks up until it met the end of its production run in 1999. The engines they slapped onto this ride weren't the most powerful, truebut they did get you where you needed to go, and saved you a bucket-load in fuel expenses.

Clearly, the Toyota Starlet never over-awed anyone, but it didn't really need to. It was confident and comfortable enough in its niche that, even today, it's still a popular choice for those looking for a simple ride to get them from A to B with no hitches. It's unsurprising that many manufacturers still deal in a lot of great-quality Toyota Starlet parts and accessories. That means that loyal owners and newer ones can fix up or upgrade everything from the lights and mufflers, all the way up to the delicate and sensitive components in the engine! Now that, is true star quality.

Toyota Starlet Parts