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Toyota T100 Parts and Toyota T100 Accessories

Six Fun Facts about the Toyota T100

  • The Toyota T100 is the first full-sized pickup truck offered by Toyota in North America. It debuted in 1993 after much anticipation by many automobile critics because of the automaker's good reputation in the compact truck category. The truck boasts of an 8-feet bed but retains the engine and suspension performances of the make's famous compact trucks.

  • In 1993, during its first year of availability in the market, the T100 already received awards such as "Best Full-Size Pickup" from the JD Power and Associates Initial Quality Survey and Popular Science magazine's "Best of What's New." This makes the model the first automobile to receive an Initial Quality Survey Award during its first year of production.

  • The Toyota T100 is the last Japan-made pickup exported to North America. In 1996, the production of the truck is moved to Toyota's new plant located at Gibson County, Indiana. Even after the discontinuation of the model, following Toyota pickups such as the Toyota Tundra are produced in this new plant.

  • Twilight star Kristen Stewart owns a 1995 Toyota T100 with which she is occasionally seen driving around Hollywood. The truck was reportedly seen by Stewart on the set of Twilight where she decided to buy it right then and there. The Twilight Saga is a series of five romantic fantasy movies based on the Twilight series novels written by Stephenie Meyer. Stewart plays as the main female protagonist in the movies.

  • The Toyota T100 is not a favorite vehicle to be used on movies and TV series. However, it still has its decent lineup of cameo appearances on films such as the musical movie Joyful Noise, action drama Driven, and the drama thriller Death Sentence.

  • In the fifth episode of the fifth season of Pimp My Ride, a completely stripped down 1994 Toyota T100 was brought back to life by Xzibit and his crew. According to the owner, Jason, almost all the parts such as the doors, the seats, and even the bed were stripped and stolen from his pickup. Later rumors state that he merely bought the stripped-down truck from a junkyard, and he scammed the show to sell the "pimped" pickup on Ebay.

Toyota T100 Articles

  • Toyota T100 Problems

    The Toyota T100 is the first full-size Toyota pickup truck offered in the US. Introduced in 1993, the truck made quite an entrance as it already received recognitions such as "Best Full-Size Pickup" from JD Power and Associates Initial Quality Survey as well as "Best of What's New" from Popular Science magazine the same year. However, various criticisms are thrown against the T100 because of some common problems shared by most units. Owners should be aware of these issues to better prepare themselves of the issues they are more likely to encounter with the truck.

    Vehicle speed control

    One of the most common issues with the Toyota T100 is the speed setting of the cruise control system. Toyota T100 owners from the past complain that even after setting the cruise control, their pickups still tend to accelerate at higher speeds. This makes them panic because it increases the possibility of an accident.

    In 1996, Toyota made a recall of the cruise control assemblies where 5,145 units were affected. The dealers replaced the cruise control parts of the affected trucks to fix the problem.


    Another known issue with the Toyota T100 is its steering relay rod. This particular part is reported by owners of breaking, making turning and handling very difficult. The breaking of the part is caused by excessive stress and force used on the steering wheel while trying to maneuver the truck. Such damage occurs especially during fully turning the steering wheel while the automobile is in a complete stop. This results in a crack or a total break in the steering relay rod.

    In 2005, Toyota made a recall regarding this particular issue. An estimated 977,839 units were affected where the steering relay rod was replaced by dealers.


    The clutch pedal bracket is also an infamous part which is commonly reported by owners of Toyota T100. The pedal bracket tends to bend, making it difficult to engage or disengage the clutch of the vehicle. In some severe cases, the drivers are not able to get out of gear at all. Needless to say, this is a safety issue, so the dealer should immediately be notified to address the problem. It is also advisable to have the clutch pedal bracket replaced or fixed before hitting the road again. To avoid the issue, drivers should be more conscious in pressing any pedal in their trucks.