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Toyota Tacoma Headlight

How to Take Care of Your Toyota Tacoma Headlight

Driving your Toyota truck through clear roads is a pleasurable experience. You can feel your truck stretching its legs to your delight while you also appreciate the clear horizon and sunset. As it gets darker, you switch on your Toyota Tacoma headlight. Now, you have a beam illuminating the road and exposing road bogeys. To ensure this component of your Toyota truck keeps on providing you ample bright light on your night trips, you should learn how to take care of it. Unable to do so can leave you visually impaired when driving in the dark. And that is definitely not a good thing. Here are some maintenance tips for your Toyota Tacoma headlight.

  • Rinse your Toyota Tacoma headlight with clean water.

Rinsing your headlight with a steady stream of clean water gets rid of the loose layer of dirt that has accumulated on the surface. The procedure can provide cleaning function by itself. However, it can also be done before and after scrubbing. Just remember to wipe your headlights dry after washing using a clean dry cloth.

  • Scrub your headlights during your regular car wash

Rinsing off with water will not always do the job of eliminating the dirt and grime that have accumulated on your headlight. You can further clean your headlight by getting a wash mitt or sponge soaked in a car shampoo solution. The formulation of the car shampoo aids the removal of the elements sticking to the lens. Scrub the lens gently to remove dirt and make it clear again. Any harsher might scratch the lens. After a few passes with the sponge, your headlight should be good to go.

  • Brush crevices to remove particles that are hard to reach.

If you follow the outline of your headlight, there will be some areas near the fenders, grille, and bumper that can house dirt and grime. Sometimes, these areas are not reached when you just use sponge. In order to remove the particles that have accumulated in those spaces, you should use a brush soaked in your car shampoo solution.

  • Don't forget to buff your headlights.

Applying headlight polish to the lens will add extra protection to its material. But you have to buff it to leave enough layer of protection without impeding light travel.

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  • How to Troubleshoot the Toyota Tacoma Headlight

    Toyota trucks are appreciated all over the world because of their reliability and utility. This extends anywhere from construction, off-road, lifestyle, and hauling. And accomplishing these activities at night will be impossible without the illumination coming from the Toyota Tacoma headlight. With constant use and exposure to elements due to your activities, it's likely that your truck's headlight can get damaged over time. Do not fret. Headlight issues are bound to happen eventually but not early on if you have maintained your truck properly. However, there is still a slim chance that small problems can still occur at any given time. Now that you have been warned, allow us to share with you some tips on how to troubleshoot this component.

    Try to take note of the clarity of the light as it passes through the lens.

    Switch on your headlights, step out of your truck, and then observe your truck from a few yards away. How does it look? Does the lens look hazy or more frosted than usual? If you have observed this kind of condition, then your headlight lens might already have too many scratches. You can take care of this by applying a reliable headlight polish and buffing the scratches away. The headlight lens should look close to brand new after that.

    Note the strength of the light being emitted.

    Drive to a clear driveway and park your truck. Switch on your regular beam and note how much road it is able to illuminate. Then switch to your high beam and note the same thing. If these bulbs are not as bright as they should be, you might have to replace the faulty bulbs. When you replace a bulb, be careful not to touch the glass part of the bulb to avoid premature burn out. Always hold it from its base.

    Check for the beam alignment and direction.

    Headlights of left hand drive cars project light in a different direction from right hand drive cars. To make sure that you are equipped with the correct headlight assembly, you can park your truck facing a wall. Allow a few meters distance to go between the truck and the wall. After switching your headlights on, note the light pattern being projected.