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Toyota Tacoma Hitch

How to Take Care of Your Toyota Tacoma Hitch

A tow hitch installed on your truck adds more purpose to the automotive industry's dedicated workhorses. It provides an opportunity for the truck and its driver to flaunt the capabilities of both man and machine. This is what makes the Toyota Tacoma hitch a functional upgrade to your mid-size truck. After all, who would not want to flaunt the power of the four-liter Toyota V6 engine? Since the hitch faithfully does the job for you, it is just right that you return the favor. Allow us to point out some tips on taking care of your Toyota Tacoma's hitch.

  • Rinse your hitch as you wash your truck.

Like your other truck components, it is your responsibility to keep the Tacoma hitch clean and ready for use. So as you perform your car wash on your truck, don't forget to rinse the hitch off any dirt, grime, or debris accumulated from your adventure.

  • Scrub remaining dirt with sponge and brush.

Not everything will be removed by just directing water to it. Some of the stubborn dirt has to be removed using a sponge and a brush soaked car shampoo. But you have to gently scrub it off your hitch in order to avoid scratching its surface. Scratches can invite the formation of rust, so it must be avoided at all costs. A little extra carefulness will not hurt.

  • Always keep it dry if possible.

Keeping your hitch dry as much as you can saves you the trouble of having grime accumulate on its surface and on hard to reach areas. A dry hitch also prevents rust from forming. Every after journey, dry your hitch using a chamois or clean cloth.

  • Take proactive measures to rust-proof your hitch.

You can use products like WD40 to lubricate and protect your hitch from rusts. Coating the surface with lubricant lessens friction that leads to scratches on the surface. Furthermore, it serves as a moisture repellent that keeps your hitch rust-free.

  • Invest in a hitch cover.

Installing a hitch cover when your Tacoma hitch is not being used is the last stop for protection. Aside from keeping rust from forming inside the hitch, it is also a nice touch to the aesthetics of your Toyota Tacoma.

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  • Tips on Installing Your Toyota Tacoma Hitch

    Having a Toyota Tacoma hitch on your truck extends its utilitarian capabilities. The purposeful modification adds more value to the bond the driver and truck have. It also creates an opportunity for the two to flaunt what they have in terms of engine power, gearing ratio, fuel management, and driving skills. If you are determined to flaunt the power of your truck’s four-liter V6 engine further, then the hitch can just be that supplementary part you are looking for. But before you can do that, here are some tips during your installation phase. You would not want to miss this out. Read on…

    Tip #1: Determine the kind of loads you want to pull.

    Hitches are designed differently from each other. Their structural integrity, mounting points, reinforcement, and weight rating are made in such way that they serve you up to a certain degree only. So before buying, know the kind of loads you want to pull using your hitch. Your choices are categorized into five classes. Their load capacity increases as the indicating number goes up. Watch out for those.

    Tip #2: Pick the right hitch for your truck model.

    Hitches are not universally compatible components. To make sure that you will be able to fit the hitch to your Toyota Tacoma, check for the model number and see if it is designated for the year and model of your Tacoma. This will save you a lot of time from trying to install the part only to find out that it does not fit on your truck. If that happens, you will still have to resend the part back to your retailer and waste time and money to do so.

    Tip #3: Prepare all the parts and tools for the installation.

    By now you have chosen the right hitch for your Toyota Tacoma. The next step would be laying out all the parts and tools necessary for your installation. You should be able to dissect the hitch kit from its package and see if the parts match the check list. You should also ready all the tools that you might need like wrench, screwdrivers, pliers, and other basic tools.