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Toyota Tundra Parts and Toyota Tundra Accessories

First introduced in 1998 the Toyota Tundra used the name T150 to replace the T100 in the full-size pickup truck. But due to the closeness of the name to the Ford F150, it was changed to Tundra a year later.

The 2005 Toyota Tundra is considered as one of the best looking, best performing trucks in the Toyota lineup. It is powered by a new 4.0-liter V6 delivers 245 horsepower engine- the same power output with previews year's V8 while 30% more powerful than the last year's V6. The 4.7-liter double overhead-cam V8 on the other hand is improved with Toyota's VVT-i technology. The result brings a 282 horsepower, 42 horsepower more than the last year's V8. Both engines are coupled with five-speed automatics; while the V6 is available with a new six-speed manual transmission.

The Tundra is offered in three trims: two-door Regular Cab, an extended Access Cab with auxiliary rear doors, and as four-door Double Cab. The two- and four-wheel drive versions utilize same suspensions and bed heights.

As compared with the other vehicles in its class, the Tundra is the most responsive and most refined. It is also the smoothest and the quietest full size pickup truck which rides on Toyota's high standards of quality, durability and reliability.

The Tundra doesn't look like the regular full-size truck in terms of size with utility lower than other local competitions but it does not mean that the Tundra is not a good vehicle. In fact it has a lot of amenities to offer from the interior feature to the exterior design.

To experience the full potential of the new Toyota Tundra and to keep the vehicle for its tip top performance, Toyota Tundra parts are widely abundant. This guarantees that your Toyota Tundra will go to distance without any worry of parts' availability.