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Toyota Tundra Fender Flares

Maintenance Tips for the Toyota Tundra Fender Flares

The Toyota Tundra fender flares offer an additional rugged feel to your truck. As is, the Toyota Tundra is already a full-size truck ready to rumble for the different adventures you are about to embark on. But adding the fender flares to the brute creates more charisma to this superb performer. The fender flares become even more useful when you frequently alternate your adventures from paved roads to off-road trails. The panels shield the upper part of your truck from road debris that get caught as your wheels keep on churning on and on as you reach your destination and back. To give back the due respect to your fender flares, you should be able to show them some tender loving care. Here are some maintenance tips that you should consider.

  • Don't be reckless with your choices in your adventures.

Despite its tough truck look and appearance, you should still be wise when choosing the roads and trails you are about to take in your adventures. We are telling you not to get reckless. If you do, you risk your Toyota Tundra and its fender flares. With some terrains, there will be road hazards, chunks, and other particles that can put on scratches, cracks, and what not on your fender flares. It's best to avoid them despite your urges. A happy fender flare is one that remains intact and looks good.

  • Check the integrity of the fender flare clips regularly.

Fender flares are usually mounted to your Toyota Tundra via mounting clips. You should regularly check the integrity of these clips to make sure that your panels will still hold up. You can check them by lightly rocking the assembly. If there are no gaps that manifest, it means that it is highly likely that the clips are still ok. Otherwise, you should have them checked and replaced.

  • Wash and scrub your fender flares regularly.

After going through a lot of adventures, your fender flares also deserve to be eased of dirt and particles. Do this by hosing them with clean water then scrubbing off dirt using a sponge. Don't forget to dry them up after for a clean look.

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  • Installation Tips for the Toyota Tundra Fender Flares

    The Toyota Tundra is one of the top Japanese truck contenders in the American full-size truck segment. And it does not back down from the game of looks and performance. While its powerful engine and capable components help the truck to prove its worth, there are much more parts that make the Toyota Tundra a desirable work horse for the American truck enthusiasts. One of them is the opportunity to modify it for more challenging off-road adventures. You can put on parts like the Toyota Tundra fender flares along with bigger wheels, sturdier suspensions, and bullet-proof differentials. Let's take the first phase in stepping up the game of your truck. Here are some installation tips to help you out.

    Tip #1: Know how radical you want to go with your Toyota Tundra.

    Fender flares come in different sizes and applications. There are modest panels that fit an almost stock set-up for just added aesthetic value and there are the more aggressive flares for hardcore off-roading. The first thing you want to do is set a concept for your truck so you can decide on which kind of Toyota Tundra fender flares you will be installing.

    Tip #2: See to it that you get the fender flares that are designed specifically for your Toyota Tundra.

    You will have to consider getting the correct fender flares that are designed specifically for your Toyota Tundra. This means that the fender flares will follow the body lines of your truck without having to heavily modify your panels. To put it simply, you want to have an almost perfect fit between the fender flares and your truck.

    Tip #3: Have someone to assist you during your installation.

    When installing large panels like the fender flares, you could use an extra hand to assist you in moving, fitting, and mounting the panels. This guy can be your friend, mechanic, or the local body man. Just make sure that whoever you are tagging along with has enough aptitude for installing parts and a good eye for aesthetics.

    Tip #4: Do a test mount before clipping the fender flares to place.

    You would want to do a test mount of the fender flares to evaluate the quality, shape, and integrity of the panels. Take a good look before committing to the part.