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Toyota Tundra Floor Mats

What to Use When Cleaning Toyota Tundra Floor Mats

Keeping your car clean inside and out is not only hygienic, but it also helps protect you from getting sick. You see, mold, dust, and mildew can accumulate over time, and these may trigger allergies or cause sickness. And if you frequently drive with kids, keeping the car clean becomes even more important to help protect your children from these contaminants. One of the easiest ways to keep the car’s cabin clean is by regular washing and cleaning the floor mats. If you happen to own rubber floor mats, you’re in luck because these are the easiest to clean. With the right set of tools and know-how, you’ll be finished with the task in no time. Here’s a quick guide that will help you maintain your vehicle’s floor mats.

  • Use soapy water to clean the floor mats.

If you have rubber floor mats installed in your ride, you’re quite lucky because these are pretty easy to clean. Just mix two tablespoons of detergent with a gallon of warm water and use this mixture to scrub dirt and mud off of the mat. For tough stains and materials, you can use a stiff scrub brush to make the job easier.

  • Use degreaser to clean a rubber mat.

If the floor mats of your car have a lot of dirt, you can use degreaser to hasten the cleaning process. Just spray it all over the mat and allow it to settle for about 15 minutes. After that, you can rinse the entire mat using water.

  • Use vinegar to remove salt deposits.

If you just took your vehicle for a trip to the beach, chances are the mats are filled with salt deposits and hard water. To remove these residues, you can use a small amount of vinegar and wipe it using a damp cloth. Keep on wiping until the crust is removed and rinse the mat using water.

  • Use a terrycloth towel to dry the mat.

Even if car floor mats are designed for tough conditions, you need to take of them by using terrycloth towel every time you need to dry them up. This helps protect them from getting damaged and prolongs their lifespan.

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