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Toyota Tundra Mirror

Tips for Taking Care of Your Toyota Tundra Mirror

One of the major banes of driving large pick-up trucks is going through highways with lots of other vehicles around. They pass beside you at different speeds, sometimes even surprising you. This lack of a better view so to speak can be remedied by an effective Toyota Tundra mirror. The mirror extends from the front window to give you a clear view of the vehicles passing through your left and right. But what would its use be if you take it for granted? The mirror can accumulate dirt and smudges while its wirings can turn faulty. Learn to keep it working perfectly by following some of our tips. Here's a list of some dos for taking care of your Toyota Tundra mirror.

  • Check of the stability of the Toyota Tundra mirror assembly.

Every once in a while, check for the stability of your truck's mirror assembly. You can do so by firmly holding it and giving it a gentle nudge. Try to feel if it is still firmly mounted on the door. If it feels a little loose, you can look for the mounting points and retighten the screws. This will keep the mirror from any unnecessary movements while you are travelling. Keep in mind that any dangling parts can pose a hazard if not properly addressed.

  • Inspect the wirings on your truck's mirror.

Modern trucks are now equipped with power mirrors. This allows the driver to adjust the mirrors from the convenience of the driver's seat. However, this also means that the assembly is prone to electronic failures. To avoid this from happening, you should regularly check how to electronic controls respond to you. If something seems wrong, have the wirings and mechanisms checked and repaired.

  • Give your mirror a good wash and scrub.

Your Toyota Tundra mirror will not stay clear and shiny if you do not wash it. Direct a stream of clean water to the mirror to remove light layers of dirt and loosen any remaining debris. You then proceed to gently scrubbing it with a sponge or wash mitt. The mirror should be shiny and clear after that treatment.

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  • Tips on Replacing the Toyota Tundra Mirror

    The Toyota Tundra mirror is a subtle piece functional ornament on your truck. It allows you to see the vehicles from behind and helps you avoid swerving into their paths. It is truly a gift of design engineers. And it is about time that they really make these mirrors functional. However, during one of your journeys, someone from your behind made the mistake of driving by so close to your Toyota truck. It was so close and fast that it hit your mirror. It was badly damaged and it looks like a big eye sore. Sending it to a shop for repair will get you extra costs so you decided to do it yourself. After ordering an assembly, you examine the mirror. Before you start your work, here are some tips for replacing your Toyota Tundra mirror.

    Tip #1: Order the right mirror assembly for your Toyota Tundra.

    You have to begin your installation with the right parts. Getting the correct mirror assembly is the very first step. You have to make sure that the part you are getting is compatible with the year and trim of your truck. Finding out that your part is incompatible in the middle of the installation will delay your operation and use of your truck.

    Tip #2: Ready all the tools that you will need for your operation.

    Lay out all the tools that you will be using on a clean table. Being organized throughout the installation will help you work seamlessly. This eliminates time that you waste searching for the right tool for a specific task. This also helps you monitor your inventory properly.

    Tip #3: Dismount your old mirror carefully.

    Whatever the damage of your old mirror is, you should still handle it with care. Proper handling and dismounting can restrict further damages. Of course, you would not want your problem to go bigger. As you unscrew the bolts and remove the clips, take note of the attachments, wirings, and components that are integrated. Be careful not to damage these parts that will be used in mounting the new one.

    Tip #4: Install the new one and be extra careful.

    By this time, you are ready to mount the new mirror. Follow the instructions carefully for a successful mounting.