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Toyota Tundra Window Visor

How Can You Take Care of Your Toyota Tundra Window Visor?

Your trusty Toyota Tundra is ready for any adventure that you are about to take. The big burly full-size Toyota pick-up truck is a real presence. But whether you are driving on or off the road, getting wet is inevitable when you leave your windows open when it rains or snows. The Tundra's original equipment specification does not really do anything about preventing the weather from wetting your truck's interior. But don't fret about it. This is the reason why products like the Toyota Tundra window visor has been created. This aftermarket product protects your truck's interior by allowing your windows to be partially opened to improve ventilation. As with other aftermarket component, this plastic contraption also requires your constant tender loving care to last up to its expected lifespan. Here are some tips on how to take care of your Toyota Tundra window visor.

  • Inspect the plastic and adhesive regularly.

Your Tundra's window visor is made of plastic and only attaches to your door because of adhesive. You should be aware that those kinds of materials need constant checks to see wear and tears. Plastics can accumulate scratches and cracks while adhesive tape can lose its strength over time. For cracks on the panel, you can apply spray adhesive. Just remember to remove the visor first from your truck before spraying the solution. For adhesive tapes that lost strength, you can just remove the visor then replace it with new adhesive tapes before reattaching the visor to your truck.

  • Rinse your visors as you wash your truck.

Once attached, the Toyota Tundra window visor can be considered already as an extension of your truck. Therefore, you ought to clean it as a part of your trusty vehicle. You can wash the visor the same way you wash the other parts of your truck. You start off by rinsing loose dirt on its surface by running a steady stream of water.

  • Scrub the window visor with a sponge.

Then you proceed by using a sponge soaked in car shampoo to scrub its surface. By doing so, the dirt gets removed along with smudges and what not. Treat it just like any other surface of your car. Easy and light to clean it up but not too much pressure to scratch the surface.

  • Dry the visor with a clean cloth.

Once done, you dry it up using a microfiber cloth. Now you have a clean window visor. To make it look squeaky clean, you can also apply special window visor solution for that extra gloss and protection.

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  • Tips on Installing Toyota Tundra Window Visor

    Heading out for a drive with your Toyota Tundra can be very worthwhile. As you step on the gas pedal, you can definitely feel the earth move. Moreover, driving the truck gives off a real road presence with its wide bulldog stance, Japanese V8 rumble, and massive dimensions. Then you roll your windows down for that extra appeal and ventilation while on the open road. Unfortunately, rain and snow can ruin it for you. Open windows let droplets in therefore wetting your interior. Fortunately, there are products like the Toyota Tundra window visor. This plastic panel acts like a makeshift shield that allows you to open your window partially for the much needed ventilation without compromising your dry interior. Here we share some tips on installing your Toyota Tundra window visor.

    Tip #1: Get the right visor for your truck.

    Always (and we really mean always) make sure that you purchase the right window visor for the year, model, and trim of your truck. Window visors are not a one-size-fits-all kind of part. You will notice that the wrong stock will not follow the contours of your window. If you get it wrong the first time around, then you waste time having it replaced.

    Tip #2: Handle the visor carefully to avoid scratches.

    Be careful when handling the Toyota Tundra window visors. The panels are made of plastic, so they are prone to get scratches early on if you are not careful. Who would want scratched panels even before they get installed? Don’t look at us. We don’t.

    Tip #3: Put the adhesive tape on the visor properly.

    Level and mount the adhesive tape properly on the wind visors before installing it on your truck. Uneven mounting of adhesive tape can cause water to pass through the gaps and into your interior, defeating the purpose of putting visors on your truck. Moreover, wind can also pass through these gaps and later on force the panels out of place.

    Tip #4: Wipe and clean surfaces before installing the visors.

    It is important to make sure that all the surfaces that you about to stick together are cleaned. Wiping and rinsing the surfaces from dirt, oil, debris, or any other material will enhance the chances of the adhesive working at full effect.