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It wouldn't hurt to dream big. Some of the biggest and greatest companies we know today were born out of fragments of simple dreams and imagination, such as Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook. With hard work and perseverance, a simple ambition may indeed turn into a reality-a big, money-making reality at that. A lot of automotive companies also started out small before reaching global success. Fifty years ago, Willie Garner, founder and owner of TransDapt Performance, started his company in a small garage at the back of his house. This might be laughable, considering how big the brand has grown in the years following its birth.

It might be hard to imagine, but the first auto parts Garner manufactured, transmission adapters, were actually created and sold just within the confines of a garage. But he pursued his ambition, combining good quality with fair pricing, and soon after, he became well known in manufacturing a wide variety of auto parts, like the TransDapt differential cover, fuel injectors, and carburetor. After four years of struggling to make car parts within a garage, TransDapt transferred into a 40,000 square foot office, complete with a manufacturing area and warehouse space. Definitely not bad for small town, small time garage business.

But in order to supply more quality parts to its network of distributors, the company expanded its operations even more, and now resides in a 100,000 square foot facility housing the latest in CAD design and CNC machining. This is the reason the TransDapt crankshaft pulley has been steadily gaining loyal patronage around the globe, particularly because it serves three purposes-to minimize crankshaft resonance, to act as the harmonic balancer, and to drive the serpentine belt around a number of components. TransDapt makes sure the pulley does all three functions well by engineering it using cutting-edge technology.