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Transfer Case

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Four wheels are better. Whether it's a car or a truck, four wheels will give you much better grip on the road and improved handling under any road condition. Four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles are built for more efficient performance, made possible by the transfer case. It distributes, torque from the transmission to either both front and rear drive axles (4WD mode), or the rear axle alone (2WD mode).4WD comes in handy when driving on rocky or muddy surfaces, or when racing. An important benefit of 4WD is felt while cornering. The amount of understeer is limited, letting you accelerate sooner out of a corner. Like all car parts, however, the transfer case can endure wear on its gears and shafts.If its 4WD shifter jumps out of or refuses to shift into mode, then it's probably due for a replacement. Just as well, Carparts has stocks available.

• Our transfer cases provide seamless transition between 2WD and 4WD.

• All transfer cases we offer provide a direct, perfect fit.

• Our transfer cases last longer than stock.