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Transmission Mount

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How to Install Transmission Mounts

Your car's transmission mount is the one responsible for isolating the transmission from the passenger compartment. It may be just a small component but it can greatly affect a car's performance when it gets worn and its rubbers get old and brittle. Faulty transmission mounts can result to shifting problems because of the transmission's misalignment with the chassis. If you think your transmission mount needs a replacement, here's a helpful guide on how to install it yourself:

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Ratchet set
  • Penetrating oil
  • New transmission mounts
  • Preparing for the task

    Before installing new a new transmission mount on your car, make sure that everything is all set and secure. First, raise your car's front end from the ground using a jack and use four jack stands to support it. For the height reference, make sure that you have raised your car within 1/2 inch of the transmissions' height or the oil pan from the floor. After that, you can now go under your car and look for the transmission mount.

    Removing the old transmission mount

    Slightly raise the transmission by sliding the jack underneath then soak the bolts in penetrating oil. To access the transmission bolts, remove both pipes at the transmission unions so that the exhaust pipes are spread apart. Next, remove both bolts that attach the spring support bottom to the transmission by using a ratchet set. After that, you can now pull the old transmission mount out from between the metal beam and the transmission.

    Installing the new transmission mount

    Once you have removed the old and worn mount, you can now insert the new transmission mount in the same spot where you removed the old one, between the metal beam and the transmission. Tighten all the bolts using the ratchet set then raise your car with the jack to remove the jack stands and finally, lower it back to the ground.

    Tips and warnings

    • Before removing the four-perimeter screws, make sure that the transmission mount is supported by a floor jack.
    • Don't forget to check if the transmission crossmember has cracks or damages at the slotted hole areas. If you see signs of damage, replace or repair the crossmember first before installing the new mount.

    Transmission Mount Articles

    • DEA vs. Energy Suspension: Which Brand Will Triumph the Transmission Mount Showdown

      Every vehicle needs a reliable transmission mount to keep the transmission in place. Because the mount is responsible for limiting the movements of the transmission and reducing noise and vibration under the vehicle's hood, stability and durability must be the top considerations in looking for the perfect transmission mount replacement. DEA and Energy Suspension are two of the most trusted brands when it comes to transmission and motor mounts. They both promise to deliver optimum stability and durability plus a long list of other perks and features. To make the decision-making easier, here is a summarized comparison of the two brands:

      Product range

      DEA Products Inc. has a wide range of transmission and motor mount products for both automatic and manual transmissions. They also offer the regular type of transmission mount with metal plates and a rubber block as well as the hydraulic-type transmission mount that uses hydraulic fluid in dampening the movements of the transmission instead of the rubber block. However, DEA transmission mounts are only available in black finish. The transmission mounts from Energy Suspension, on the other hand, are made from special performance polyurethane, which is developed through the HYPER-FLEX technology of the brand. Although Energy Suspension has only one material composition option, they offer more choices in terms mount color and finish. Their transmission mounts are available in two colors, which are black or red, and you can also choose between zinc or chrome for the metal plating finish.

      WINNER: DEA and Energy Suspension

      Ease of installation

      Energy Suspension's transmission mounts are direct-fit replacement units. This means that their transmission mounts can be installed easily without the need for extreme product modifications. The same goes for the transmission mount replacements sold by DEA Products Inc. They offer OE replacement mounts, which also guarantee perfect fit and easy installation.

      WINNER: DEA and Energy Suspension


      With a price range of less than $50 to $100, the transmission mount replacement units offered by Energy Suspension are definitely cheaper than DEA Product Inc.'s mounts with price tags ranging from less than $50 to $250.

      WINNER: Energy Suspension


      Transmission mounts manufactured by DEA Products Inc. carries a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty. This warranty period is obviously shorter compared to Energy Suspension's two-year limited warranty.

      WINNER: Energy Suspension

      The result

      Energy Suspension and DEA Products Inc. each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But in terms of performance and quality, both brands will surely not disappoint. Although Energy Suspension is the obvious victor in terms of warranty period and price, the decision will still boil down to whether which criterion matters most to you as a buyer.