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Transmission Oil Cooler

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Your car's transmission system, though useful, can be extremely expensive to restore once it becomes damaged. To prevent transmission repair or replacement from burning a hole in your wallet, equip your car with a transmission oil cooler.Automatic transmissions often use an oil or fluid to keep their various moving parts at a manageable temperature. When the temperature becomes too high for the fluid to handle, though, the fluid begins to burn and evaporate. This leaves the transmission system with less fluid for lubrication and heat absorption.And when that happens, transmission overheating is practically inevitable. A transmission oil cooler is all you need to avoid all those problems. The cooler is a small radiator that keeps the transmission fluid's temperature at ideal levels, so you don't have to worry about the fluid burning up. Interested?Check our catalogs at Carparts. We offer a wide range of high-quality, low-priced auto parts, including transmission oil coolers perfect for your vehicle.

• Prevents your car's transmission from overheating

• Keeps transmission oil at ideal temperatures

• Comes with all the fittings, hoses, and hardware needed for installation