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Trunk Strut

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Although the trunk has little to do with your vehicle's performance, it proves its usefulness when you need to load or unload your cargo from the trunk. Since your vehicle has an area where you can store groceries, baggage, and other cargo, there should be an easy, convenient way to load and unload these things. And that convenience is possible through the trunk strut. Whether your vehicle uses a hydraulically-controlled trunk strut or an old-fashioned trunk strut with an end that can be hooked under the trunk lid, the trunk strut's function remains the same. The trunk strut's job is to hold the rear hood up until you're done loading or unloading your cargo. Imagine how much of a hassle it would be if you had to use one of your arms to keep the trunk lid up while he other arm unloads or loads cargo into your vehicle's trunk. To prevent the potential problems, make sure you can count on the trunk strut at all times. When you need a trunk strut replacement, Carparts is the right store for you. Here, you can find the replacement parts and accessories you need at pocket-friendly price.

• Each trunk strut we offer is made tough and sturdy, to ensure reliability and durability.

• Whether you need a hydraulic or a manually-operated trunk strut, all trunk strut units at our catalog are designed with an OE fit.

• A premium-quality trunk strut takes merely minutes to install.