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Tonneau Cover by Truxedo

Give your truck a low-profile and simple cover solution with the TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. With an easy-to-use design, you can cover and uncover the bed of your truck in no time flat. Always have access to the bed of your truck, while keeping it covered to prevent damage.

The fast, easy roll-up design is the quickest way to cover and uncover your truck/ With the ability to go from fully closed to fully opened in under 20 seconds, you won't spend unnecessary time with a hard-to-remove cover. Plus, the hassle-free Velcro® mounting system makes installation a snap with sliding hook technology.

Built with quality in mind, the patented tension control gives you a tight, secure fit from 20 below all the way up to 120 above. Plus, with adjustments made automatic by the cover itself, you won't have to fiddle to change angles. Don't worry about rain or moisture seeping through and into your truck bed, that Velcro forms a tight seal that keeps the elements out. And with the 4-way side and corner sealing system, you've got more seals than any other cover.

Keep your truck bed clean and tidy while simultaneously leaving it ready to spring into action. The TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover gives you the easiest solution for covering your truck bed. Avoid those more complicated designs and roll with the simplicity of the Lo Pro.

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Truxedo Tonneau Cover Articles

  • Truxedo Series: Soft Roll dash Up

    Truxedo Tonneau Cover

    The TruXedo Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is the strongest roll up cover in the industry. Manufactured with only the highest quality of materials, this Tonneau cover is ready to give you long-lasting cover against even the most extreme weather and driving conditions.

    The simple roll-up design provides the simplest solution for your truck bed covering needs. The Tonneau cover goes from fully closed to fully opened in just 20 seconds, so you won't have to worry about wasting time getting your cover on or off. And with a simple, yet effective Velcro® fastening system, you don't have to worry about snaps or glue slowing you down.

    The rear header and bows roll quickly and easily right with the cover. This means you get full access to the bed of your truck. And with automatic tension control, you can be sure that your cover stays tight, even in extreme temperatures. Rain or shine, hot or cold, this truck cover can take it. Be sure your precious cargo stays safe from the elements with the secure protection of the Tonneau cover.

    Guaranted by a lifetime warranty, the TruXedo Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is ready to offer you with years of service. Built to hold up to whatever you and Mother Nature can throw at it, it's ready to protect. And with an easy, clamp-on installation, you'll be up and running in no time.

  • Truxedo Series: TruXport Roll dash Up

    Truxedo Tonneau Cover

    Get the ease and simplicity of a roll-up cover at a snap-on cover price with the Truxedo TruXport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. As an economical alternative to all that snapping, tugging or gluing, you get a low-profile design that looks as good as it works. Roll out in style with the TruXport cover.

    With a hassle-free design, you'll be able to cover and uncover your truck bed in as little as 30 seconds. Stop spending time tugging on those snap-together alternatives and get the TruXport for ultimate ease of use. Plus, without those crummy and inefficient snaps, you won't have to worry about stretching out the fabric to get the snaps to fit, let alone the possibilities of rust or breakage.

    With a simple design, this cover rolls quickly and easily. And because it allows for one-person operation, you won't have to call your buddies over just to cover up your truck. Plus, the bows and rear cross member roll up with the cover, so you get full access to the bed of your truck.

    The crisp, clean look, means the Truxedo TruXport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover won't leave you feeling like you're driving around in a covered wagon. With no arched bows to inflate the profile of your truck, you'll be riding in style. Go with the economical and remarkably effective design of the TruXport, and you'll have a no-hassle solution to your truck covering needs. Comes with a 5-year warranty.