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A lot of people pay thousands of dollars regularly to various insurance companies for security and safety reasons in case unfortunate circumstances strike. Some even chuck up millions for car insurance. But why allow yourself to get into these misfortunes in the first place? The best thing you can do is to prevent an accident before it happens, and you can only do this if you'll provide enough safety solutions and equipment to your ride. TRW, a century-old company, specializes in manufacturing auto parts that are designed to provide unparalleled safety and protection to any vehicle. Included in the Fortune 500 elite list of companies, this brand is a leader in multiple fields, such as systems engineering, electronic components, software, and integrated circuits.

The aftermarket division of TRW produces a wide scope of safety solutions for vehicles, including service tools, braking systems, suspension parts, commercial vehicle pieces, and steering components. To give you an idea of how vast the company's empire is, just imagine-two hundred operational facilities, a team of 60,000 skilled experts, and offices in 26 countries. Yes, the business is immensely huge and with enough manufacturing plants to prove its place in the automotive industry.

One of the products that made the company so famous was the specially-made TRW brake caliper in 1975. Called as Colette, this brake component has rendered its service to more than 170 vehicle models worldwide since it was first introduced. To date, the company has already manufactured and sold around 350 million brake calipers. Without brake calipers, the braking system of any automobile would be useless and the driver's safety would be compromised. That's because this part is responsible for gripping the brake rotors and providing enough friction to stop your vehicle.