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Turn Signal Lens

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When driving on public roads, it's common road courtesy to warn other motorists if you intend to change your vehicle's direction. That's what the turn signal lights are for. By simply flicking a switch near the steering wheel, you can activate either the left or right-hand signal light, according to direction of the turn you're planning to take. These lights, though, don't guarantee that other motorists get your signals. Sometimes, a damaged turn signal lens can get in the way of your driving. Cracked lenses can cause the signal lights' beam to scatter, affecting the way other motorists see the lights' beam. Aside from that, damaged turn signal lenses also give less protection to the signal lights' bulbs. To avoid all the problems that could result from using smashed turn signal lenses, replace these when necessary. Quality lenses are available right here at Carparts.

• Each turn signal lens from us offers a direct fit.

• Our turn signal lenses are designed to meet or exceed OE specifications.

• Our turn signal lenses are available for all makes and models.