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Turn Signal Light

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Located at the four corners of a vehicle, turn signal lights are very important components in a car's lighting system. they are used to signal a turn. Though signaling may be a very simple thing and is often ignored, it is actually of key importance in ensuring your safety and the vehicle that follows you. When turn signals blink, this warns the vehicles from behind before going to his lane.
The parking light is also a standard vehicle item. Along with the turn signal lights, the parking light is a crucial component in ensuring the safety of the vehicle. To approaching traffic, the Parking Light makes the vehicle more visible, especially from the side view. This improves safety in entering an intersection or making turns as it allows other drivers to see your vehicles from greater distances.
Aside from warning against other vehicles, the parking light is also used in bad weather conditions (like heavy fog or snow) which minimizes normal visibility. The poor light of dusk and dawn hours can be worse for the driver's vision than driving at night. The parking light solves that driving problem.

Turn Signal Light Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Turn Signal Light

    Make vehicle cornering safe; avoid trouble by using a reliable turn signal assembly. You can find a wide selection of turn signal assemblies at our catalogs.
    When driving, you need to take several turns and switches to reach your destination. And when making a turn or switching lanes, you need to let other drivers know—otherwise, you might cause a car pile-up on the road. And how do you let other motorists know that you are going to make a turn? Your turn signal assembly is in charge of this job.
    This light assembly helps you avoid collisions that lead to injuries, even death. Turn signals are activated by a lever located next to the steering wheel. The lever’s location allows easy access when you need to alert the drivers where you intend to go next. The front turn signal assembly sends a message to the motorist in front that you want to overtake. The rear signal lights, on the other hand, let the tailing traffic know whether you are stopping, turning, or overtaking.
    Its crucial task makes the turn signal assembly an indispensable lighting component of your vehicle. If the bulbs in your turn signal lights are already busted, make sure to replace them immediately. On the other hand, if the blinkers in the assembly do not turn off after you make a turn, the problem might be in the turn signal switch assembly. Repair it as soon as you can or find a replacement right away.

  • The Automobile Basics: Turn Signal Light

    Your turn signal light, or turn signal indicator, is basically a type of light assembly that's used to signal to other drivers your intent of turning or shifting lanes. This light is usually found on both sides of your vehicle's front and rear ends, and can be activated by means of a lever. Your turn signal lever is usually attached to the side of the base of your steering wheel. When you flip this lever upward, your right-side turn signals (on the front end and rear end) start flashing. This indicates to incoming and oncoming drivers that you're about to turn right. When the lever is flipped downward, your left-side turn signal light assembly activates-indicating a left turn. Though this particular light assembly doesn't affect your vehicle's performance, it is crucial when it comes to driving safety. That's because your turn signal lights are the best way to warn other drivers of your intentions to turn or corner. This gives them enough space to avoid colliding with your turning vehicle. Though built for lasting service, your stock turn signals may eventually give out after a year or two of use. Common reasons behind replacing a turn signal light include busted lens caused by a collision, and a burnt-out bulb. Should one of your turn signals be damaged beyond repair, we highly recommend replacing the damaged light as soon as possible.