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Turn Signal Switch

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Unable to make turn signals because of a faulty signal switch? Browse through Family Car's online catalogs and find the perfect replacement unit.
Mixed signals always lead to disaster. Ask any driver, and he'll tell you the same thing. As a car owner, you have to give accurate signals to other motorists, whether you're slowing down, stopping, or making a turn. With the right signals, drivers behind and in front of you can make the appropriate maneuver to avoid bumping into your car. A car sends signals through the turn signal lights located at the four corners of your vehicle. These lights are activated by the turn signal switch located inside the car.
This switch is activated by a lever that's installed right in the steering wheel or in a separate assembly near the steering column. Lifting the lever up or pushing it down sends voltage signals to the switch to activate the turn signals lamps. The switch is connected to a cancellation device that automatically brings the lever back in neutral position when the signal light is no longer needed. If your turn signal switch is broken, you have to replace it immediately because without it, you can't operate the turn signal lights. Faulty turn signals are not only illegal; they're also a safety hazard for you and other motorists on the road.
Finding a high-quality turn signal switch replacement is not hard to do, since there are many online auto parts stores that offer this safety component. If you're going to purchase a new turn signals switch, make sure that you get it from a reliable distributor.

Turn Signal Switch Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Turn Signal Switch

    Driving is as much a discipline as it is an everyday task. Despite it being part of your daily grind, you have to bear in mind traffic laws governing driving behaviors. Those regulations include using your car's turn signals whenever making a turn or simply moving to adjacent lanes.Having a broken turn signal switch is no excuse for not following the law. Besides, replacing it would cost you far less than paying for a road violation ticket.Think about it. You're changing lanes and the driver on the adjacent lane receives no warning. He speeds up just at the moment when you swerve into the lane. Depending on both drivers' abilities, you may end up badly.That's just one example of what can happen if you do not replace your faulty turn signal switch. Don't risk it. You can get a quality replacement switch here at Auto Parts Deal.

    • The switch helps you warn other drivers that you intend to make a turn.

    • As a direct-fit replacement, the switch is easy to install.

    • Every turn signal switch from us is more durable than its stock counterpart.

  • The Automobile Basics: Turn Signal Switch

    The turn signal light is one of the most important components of the lighting assembly. Drivers who are concerned about their safety on the road must ensure that this light is always in tiptop condition. Day time and night time driving makes this very necessary because it is the one used to give signals to other motorists when turning to another street or direction. The Turn Signal Switch activates this signal light. It is actually connected to a lever that is usually found on the steering column. From its neutral position, the lever is simply moved to the left or to the right, automatically activating the switch in the process. This, in turn, causes either the left or right turn lamp to blink. If the Turn Signal Switch is damaged, there is no way for the driver to show the appropriate signal to preceding or succeeding vehicles. Replacement of the whole Turn Signal Switch assembly is the best solution to this problem. A blinker that doesn't work properly and does not shut off after the turn has been made is clear sign that the switch needs to be replaced. There are many replacements available in the market these days, so acquiring one should not be a problem.